CSOs do not consider the rail system to be adequate

2017 million TL allowance was set for the light rail system of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality's 252 budget. A special team was formed immediately and the work was started. If the feasibility studies are raised, project tender will be made until the end of 2017.

Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu, 2017 3 for the Light Rail System Project whose routes were determined previously. He also touched on the latest developments on the project at the Year Evaluation Meeting. Emphasizing that they are preparing to sign a giant investment in Trabzon, Customs, said: ma The operation of realizing the light rail system in the east-west direction of our Trabzon, which is a rugged geography, is continuing. We will complete the project by the end of this year. Then we will continue our way with the financing provided. Um

President of Trabzon Chamber of Civil Engineers and City Council Chairman Mustafa Yaylalı made striking comments. Yaylalı stated that Trabzon was too late in the light rail system and said, “We haven't seen a serious step in the 3 year about the light rail system. Trabzon should solve the light rail system quickly, lı he says.

Trabzon Chamber of Architects President Gürol Ustaömeroğlu approaches the Light Rail System Project from a different direction. Ustaömeroğlu says: hizmet The rail system that will serve between Beşikdüzü-Of is the most important benchmark in the solution of the traffic problem. We've been writing and drawing for 25 years. Millions of people are transported on these routes for years. Accidents and casualties. Traffic jams and carbon emissions are already in business. But the rail system is not brought to this city with the prediction of the loss. I think whoever is doing this statistic is wrong or deliberately wrong. If a civilized rail system comes to Trabzon on the coast, sensitive people, including those I count, stop using automobiles. The Trabzon economy gains from both rail system and our national economy gains from fuel savings and our atmosphere gains by decreasing carbon emissions. Hem

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