Tramway Studies in Samsun were Uneasy!

The fact that the tram line, which will provide transportation for many citizens, extends to the University for the benefit of students, makes the city-faculty line minibuses carrying passengers to OMU anxious.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality laid the foundation of his promise to the people of Samsun about two months ago. SAMULAŞ light rail tram system has started uninterrupted transportation works until OMU. Mustafa Bircan, Head of the Faculty - Kurupelit Line, said: Samsun We respect Samsun for those who are doing a good job. However, we are against decisions that restrict the freedom of transportation of the people! In


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality light rail system studies that will be up to Ondokuz Mayıs University are continuing at full speed from where they left off after a short period of time due to Deaflympics 2017 Samsun Olympic event. According to the information received, the tramway works are expected to be completed by the end of August 2018 and will be available to the citizens.


This system, which will be put into practice, makes the minibuses of the inner city - Faculty line carrying passengers to OMU anxious. Expressing that there are statements that minibuses will not go to OMU, except for the tram, Faculty - Kurupelit Line President Mustafa Bircan stated that this situation disturbs them and that the necessary explanations will be presented to them.

Mustafa Bircan, who added favorably to the tramway to OMU, added: sözler We respect Samsun for those who are doing a good job. The fact that the tram will be in OMU is also a positive development for Samsun. However, due to the tram, we do not accept that our minibuses will not be taken to the departments of faculties and hospitals. Our initiatives against these statements will be in the coming months. There are separate passengers on the tram. No one will restrict the right of passengers to choose the transportation, "he said.

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