Rumkale's Ropeway and Underwater Archeology Museum will be established

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality will establish an Underwater Archeology Museum in Rumkale and will crown Rumkale with a cable car system. With these works, a new breath of fresh air in urban tourism kazanThe Metropolitan, which aims to increase the

Protection, preservation, promotion and tourism of cultural heritage kazanConcentrating on studies in this direction in order to increase Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin, who photographed the city that underwent a transformation between 2014 and 2017, talked about the structural transformation in the city.

Evliya Çelebi'nin "Gaziantep is the world's favorite eye" reminding Sahin, the city is one of the world's oldest 20 settlement, he said.


President Şahin emphasized that the industrial city of Gaziantep is also a claim in the field of culture and art., With the projects prepared within this scope, we are lifting historical and cultural works. The ancient city of Carchemish, 2018 will open in May, we will offer to the service of literary writers and world historians. In the 1930 years, 35 brought the historical monument to the museum of Anatolian civilizations in Ankara and was placed in the most valuable part of the museum. In this region, the most beautiful works of the Late Hittite period were found, and at the end of our collaboration with the Italians we turned this place into Akua Park. Lala Mustafa Pasha Complex, located in Handan Bey Bazaar just south of Gaziantep Castle, Hışva Khan, built by Lala Mustafa Pasha in 1563-1577, will be the most famous of Antep. Gaziantep


Explaining that all the beauty of the Euphrates is reflected in Rumkale, which is located on steep rocks, Şahin said, “The most powerful civilizations such as Rome and Hittites were shaped around the Euphrates. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we care about Rumkale, we turn it into tourism. kazanWe are working day and night to make Rumkale more lively and dynamic. "We will crown this beautiful underground treasure with an underwater archeology museum," he said.


President Şahin, said: hamam We are assertive about khans and baths. Gaziantep was founded on a pedestrian crossing of the Historical Silk Road. Here you can see the most beautiful works of Ottoman, Seljuk and Islamic civilization. We are assertive in handicrafts. We modernize the local professions such as Yemeni, copper processing art and pearlism and carry them to the future. Here, all religions and languages ​​have lived together for years. I am the mayor of a city where both the church and the synagogue and the mosque are side by side. History has presented these features to us as wealth.


We are increasing the number of museums within the scope of the works carried out on the road to becoming a City of Culture. Apart from the hammam museum in Israel, we made the second Hamam museum on Earth. Gaziantep Defense Panorama We are planning to establish 12 conversion. In the panorama, 12 meter height, 113 meter length gradual transitions, 1133 square meter area, 32 meter diameter will be resurrected. It was transformed into the Art Center of the Old Court House in 1950. The building was transferred from the past to the future with all its functions from the past to the present, the hallways, the walls, the courtyard and the visual and auditory art elements.


We are the best in Europe with Gaziantep Zoo. We are ahead in the category of fertility, hygienic and diversity. Here we have made Safari Park, 70 is the kind of animal that lives in the park. We did a museum, just visited 150 thousand people on the feast. 1,5 has been visited by millions of people since its opening. We present the figures of both living and endangered animals to the attention of our children.


The most ambitious aspect of the city is its cuisine. Kitchen, do not go, fraternity table 500 have a variety of food. Nobody believes that 500 to dinner. But the truth, we get our strength from the soil, the seed, the sun, and our meals are transformed into a great taste by the Anatolian woman. Ama

Sahin said that the Street Rehabilitation Project and the surrounding area of ​​Gaziantep Castle and the surrounding area has been reworked in a proper way.


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