Rail System is a must for Cumhuriyet University

General Director of the Association of Transport and Railroad Workers Rights, who insists that the project they draw on the rail system should be implemented. Abdullah Peker, Sivas transportation system will solve the problem, he said.

Peker said, “As Union, we had built a Light Rail system project between City and University for our technical and project consultation about six years ago. we have not seen it deeply upset us. We say that it is a dramatic event for the students and their relatives to travel in the form of buses, and the journey turns into an ordeal.

I am having difficulty in understanding the fact that light rail system passenger transportation, which was started in Batman in many cities in our country, is not in Sivas or not.

the bureaucrats of our province, the deputies should solve the problem of this transportation should be sensitive to the issue and do not require overtime spending? University students, employees and their relatives to support the project to create a public vote to support. "He said.

Expressing that the number of students is constantly increasing in universities, Peker noted that parallel to this, the number of students in Cumhuriyet University has increased and therefore the transportation problem will reach a high level in the future.

Peker elendir Our central population in Sivas is over three hundred thousand. Although the number of students in the campus of the CU campus 50 has passed five thousand, we consider the lack of the project of light rail project between the city center and the student campus until now.

According to our findings, twenty thousand of our University students live in the city center. In addition, the daily CU Research and Application Hospital for an average of ten thousand patients, visitors, staff and other reasons we have found the entry. The average daily total of 35 is provided by bus transportation, mostly from the city center. Despite the fact that the bus companies that are not managed by our institutions can establish a bus terminal at the university, they are faced with serious problems.

Our union adopts the view of the light rail system by taking into account the increase in the number of students and the number of prospective populations in the city as well as the daily potential of thirty thousand people among the university campus. I

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