Karşıyaka Arrangement to Relieve Traffic

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Karşıyaka re-arranged taxi-dolmus and minibus routes working in the same area with the tram line. With the 821 line number, ESHOT buses running between Mavişehir Aktarma-Bostanlı İskele have been reduced to 10 minutes.

Alaybey-Karşıyaka-Starting between the city Karşıyaka After the tram was included in the transfer system in 90 minutes, where all boarding passes were free of charge, the taxi and minibuses in the region started operating on their new lines. At the UKOME General Assembly dated 12 July 2017, it was decided that the taxi-minibuses and minibuses on this line will work on their new routes as of September 5. In order to support the new regulation, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has reduced the frequency of the ESHOT buses, which carry passengers between Mavişehir Transfer-Bostanlı Pier, with line number 821 to 10 minutes.

New line for taxi minibuses: Bostanlı-Örnekköy
In line with the decision taken, Karşıyaka- The taxi-minibus line operating between Mavişehir was canceled and a new taxi-minibus line was created between Bostanlı Ceyhan Gür Sokak and Örnekköy 1595 Street for vehicles running on this line. Taxi minibuses to stop at Bostanlı Pier and İZBAN Nergis Station can be reached from Ordu Boulevard and Girne Boulevard. Karşıyaka It will reach the front of the State Hospital and complete its flights here. Authorities also underlined that taxi minibuses who wish to have the "right to take a taxi".

Karşıyaka-The minibuses operating on the Şemikler-Mavişehir line will no longer enter Mavişehir with the route change. The vehicles will make the last stop in front of Hasan Türker Football Field in Atakent.

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