Stone quarry rebellion in railway project

In Menemen Emiralem, the Izmir Governorship's "EIA is not required." A meeting was held in Menemen Municipality regarding the mine, crushing-screening, ready-mixed concrete plant project, which is planned to be opened with the permission of İzmir.

Menemen Mayor Tahir Sahin, representatives of various NGOs, Emiralem and surrounding village headmen, local leaders, lawyers and doctors attended.

Menemen, who led the meeting, started by saying that Mr. Şahin was very welcome and he listened to those who wanted to talk about the issue.

The meeting took place in Emiralem and the headmen of the surrounding villages and neighborhoods and in particular the heads of NGOs on the issue.
Attorney Diler Bosut Güven, Attorney Saim Akkurt, Menemen Chamber of Agriculture President A. Metin Karagöl, Menemen Municipality Lawyer Gülay Mete; Retired Colonel Mehmet Çoban, Doctor Ruşen Şenaras, Retired Teacher Şükran Şenaras, Emiralem Değirmendere Muhtarı Nurdoğan Çiftçi, Emiralem Mukhtar Yakup Evgi, Emiralem Former Mayor Birol Kahraman, Relative Mukhtar Ali Burak, Haykıran Muhtarı Şenol, Alaniçi Muhtarı Mehmet İnce, Ayvacık Muhtarı Fatih Altay, Hasanlar Muhtarı Bedri Kozak, Bağcılar Muhtarı Durmuş Mahir Ertekin, Head of Göktepe Murat Cankurt, President of the Chamber of Agriculture A.Metin Karagöl Municipality - Work Union Representative Hakkı Kaplan, Esnaf Kefalet Koop. Chairman and Chairman of the Menemen Chamber of Commerce Sabri Kurt, Artisans Bail Bonds Second chairman Ziya Demir, CHP Menemen Council Council Member Metin Uzunallı, MHP Menemen Municipal Assembly Member Tanzer Sucu, MHP District Chairman and Agriculture Committee. Ali Riza Bölük member, Right Bank Irrigation Union President Veli Kan was among the names attending the meeting.

Retired Colonel Mehmet Çoban, who stated that he was born and raised in Emiralem, said: olursa If oil and iron-steel dust of Aliağa in our north and lime dust in our births, Menemen and Emiralem will become uninhabitable. The mentioned region is very nice with its nature and 2 km away from Karagöl. It is also at a point that will affect the drinking water, nature and living things of İzmir. Nearby olive groves, OÇEM (Education Center for Children with Autism), Karşıyaka College has. For this reason, I want everyone who attends the meeting to support us on this issue. As soon as possible, we will have done what is necessary for the judiciary.

Three days ago, when we were notified to our brother, Nurdoğan Çiftçi, our devise, we started collecting signatures, and now our signature in Emiralem is found in 1000. We started this job with the signature of a thousand people. In addition, the petition of a 6-year-old child, who gave us the petition when collecting signatures, has personally overlooked my eyes. I want you to read: Leave us a beautiful world, he says. I am very impressed.

On this occasion, we would like to thank our muhtar, Yakup Evgi, our Mukhtar Muhammad Mehmet Turgut and our Muhtarım Muhammad Nurdoğan Çiftçi. They moved fast.

We will succeed.
I would like to give one more information: In our village, 40 kinds of vegetables and 20 fruits are grown. I think it's important data for agriculture.

We also ask for help from our esteemed mayor and chamber heads for the necessary material for the litigation process. The headmen of all the mountain villages, the pioneers in Emiralem, the heads of the chambers, the OÇEM and Karşıyaka The valuable principals of the College should also be involved in this case. Men Menemen Municipality MHP District Council Member Tanzer Sucu took the floor and said: Many thanks to non-governmental organizations. I believe that we will do what is necessary to protect our Emirate without making any political party distinction here and we will be able to do this right. ”

. First of all, Emiralem is the cleanest air. Where Menemen's wind comes from. Previously, we had problems with thermal power plants. We also tried to solve this problem by supporting civil society organizations, chambers, lawyers and menemen. In a sense, we succeed, but the struggle continues; Because every day we can face a new problem. This quarry is also very close to both the center and the agricultural land. In addition, where our students and our people will be directly affected. Considering the effects on agricultural lands, we are facing a new environmental problem. We know this is a process; But if we can decide to stop the execution before it starts, we can prevent it from being exposed to dust, environmental pollution. Therefore, we would like to thank everyone who supported. Bu

Attorney Diler Bosut Güven: arl First of all we would like to thank all the participants and your sensitivity to this issue. Here we have our rooms, our clients, as Menemen, we have a tradition in these matters. As the lawyer Gülay Hanım said, the Municipality of Menemen has opened a number of lawsuits against the pollution created by thermal power plants in the region with the participation of all our rooms and citizens and these cases continue. Such a second fireball dropped in front of us while these cases continued. We have decided to continue this struggle with the same construction. Many of our lawyers support this. Again, taking the voluntary mandate for the same purpose in this case, we set out with the effort to get results. Currently there are many participants from Emiralem. MHP Assembly members, muhtarlarımız also brought the point that the local people did not really want this project. There is no task other than supporting us.

Our legal litigation process started after the 'EIA is not required' decision from the governorship. This period is also one month. We want to get it together in ten days. "

Exploded rocks will remove dust from 206 kg per hour
Lawyer Diler Bosut Güven made the following statements about the mine, crushing-screening, ready-mixed concrete plant project to be opened in Emiralem Değirmendere and Bağcılar regions of TCDD General Directorate of State Railways: TCDD General Directorate of State Railways gave the following statements about the railroad between Menemen and Manisa. It is defined as making it line and rehabilitation. This project does not include the phrase high speed train and it is limited to Manisa.

“The activity is on an area of ​​36 hectares. Part of this area is pasture. The facility area is agricultural land in 1 / 100.000 plan. The property is 50 meters from Gediz River and 250-350 meters from Manisa Highway. In the project, he says that 1.600.000 tons of basalt rock will be exploded with dynamite per year. They stated that these blasts will cause noise, vibration and dust formation. The firm states that 206 kg of powder will come out per hour.

6 thousand kg dynamite and 432 thousand kg anfo explosives will be used in the blasting. Explosions will be made every two days. İki

Plant and soil cover will be removed, 32 tons of water will be consumed per hour. With the project planned to be applied, plant and soil cover of 10 cm will be removed and removed in the field. 18 tons of excavation will be transported to 1500 square meter storage area. The pass will be stored in the 5 thousand square meter cast area. Transports will be carried out with 214 tonnes trucks on a daily basis at 30. 3200 meters for the facility will be used as a transport path statement.

In this plant, the rocks will be divided into small pieces by explosions, and these small pieces will be processed and cement will be produced in the ready-mixed concrete processing plant which will be established again in this area.

160 cubic meters of concrete will be prepared in the plant's ready-mixed concrete plant. 32 tons of water will be consumed per hour. According to the project file, the water will be taken from the municipality of Emiralem; but the Municipality of Emiralem no longer exists. It will be provided by the municipality, and if it is not, it will be covered by DSI from groundwater. 7 and 15 personnel will be employed in the facility to be installed.

In the project; 1.Derece earthquake zone of the region, the formation of pits can be created by blasting, these pits can fill water and can cause floods; but there are some measures in this project. Precautions are not disclosed. It is stated that there is a danger of fire due to the danger of landslide and erosion and the explosion of dynamite.

Where is this area? Emiralem, Değirmendere, Our hills between Bağcılar. These hills are actually natural sites. Let me not say, Menemen Chamber of Agriculture Chairman Metin Bey between us, there are a number of various olive groves, he says only in the project. There is no mention of agriculture and agricultural products. Such a limited project is coming. We know that the people living in that region are dominated by Menemen. How the dust will affect the Menemen plain will be expected by the experts. In that area again Karşıyaka College is a very special pre-selected years since autism is a first in Turkey is also a school where education of our children and our school is right at the foot of the hill. Of course, human health is also affected. If agricultural products are affected, human health is also affected. We have a project with such dangers.

Hunting. Saim Bey is also here when we are assigned to open this case together with our other lawyers and volunteers. Izmir Bar Association will be involved in the case. If this decision comes out, let's continue on our way without losing time. Thank you."

. I thank you very much for your sensitivity. This is a new event. We wanted to do this before our entry into the village. We opposed as peasants. We opened our case; but this time we heard that they shifted to Değirmendere. Although they said they would not explode us dynamite, we opposed; but we see what happens when we go into detail. We are now united as the headmen of Çaltı, Ayvacık, Bağcılar, Alaniçi and Karaorman. Previously I had gathered signatures from the headmen to open this case. We have opened our case with 40 people and 5 muhtarla as Çaltı village. Now the diameter of the case has grown even more. We believe that we can overcome this work with the support of our municipality. I would like to thank all of my friends and Mr. President for their support. Bütün

Nihat Arıcı: Mah I live in the Kır Mahalle. The construction site in my area, my neighborhood will be done in the region. I would like to talk about two things that the speakers do not mention. One of us, we are forced to use Gediz as a farming area. We now know what Gediz's toxic water is. In order to change this, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality had a dam project in the region. However, the project continues to be dragged due to the lack of an EIA report. I think this is a construction site that will eliminate the dam project. Another issue I know is that the clean spring waters in the area have created a source for Cansu and Egelife. I think that the explosions there will endanger this drinking water. Another issue is that Emiralem is a region which has been migrating in the last 10 years. We have a large number of physicians, police officers, judges, lawyers. They prefer this place because it is a place with tranquility and fresh air. In this sense, the value of our land is rising. I think that this site will be reversed. Thanks."

Menemen A. Metin Karagöl: ı Menemen is a really good agricultural basin. We always say that in the chamber of agriculture. But he's always threatened with dangers like this. I think that before the head of the Veli brain stone quarry was threatened. Then we were struggling. I want to evaluate regionalism as follows: Geological sign stage in strawberry. The climate is green. So Emiralem's climate is very different. Very suitable for growing strawberries. Menemen'e scattered water in the workplace where the collection is shown. We have educational institutions in the same region. It is a crowded area and agricultural area. So this is really an area that needs to be protected. But today there is a substance called public interest. This item is being used. EIA is not required, it is said. We'il all fight. It seems so. I thank all friends. Bütün

Attorney Diler Bosut Güven ilgili I want to make a brief statement about the case of our President Metin Bey. Approximately 10 years ago, in the region of Emiralem in our region while the same region on the top, Karagöl foothills the company wanted to open a lime and stone quarry. When Veli Bey did not give the license, a trial process had begun. We were also served with lawyers. The Administrative Court will eliminate the water resources of the dynamite to be exploded here, and will cause the agriculture and human health to be adversely affected. When we compare the current project file with his field, the dynamite to be exploded, the dynamite planned to explode was far below the present. We will make this decision precedent. In this case, we are very likely to make a decision in our favor. Thank you."

Tahir Şahin, Mayor of Menemen said: usu If we collect the things that are spoken, we all have to stand up when it comes to the environment. We agree. At this point, everyone is united. I would also like to thank many friends who joined together. We have to unite as a municipality. Since we are the mayor of this region, we are the mayor, it is not possible to be insensitive to this. We've always been in contact with previous thermal power plants, and we've put in support. Here, too, "there is a public interest." There is a decision by the governor. Our metropolitan municipality wants to build a dam which means that people's life is water, they are dragged because of the EIA report. 3-5 cannot build the dam for an EIA since an institution will collect water and build a dam. Blocked. There is no need for EIA, you can make dust, you can ruin agriculture, they say. We are right to the end. First of all, we should appeal to the regional administrative court and ask for a decision to halt execution. The public opinion is important. Maybe we'il get our case one hundred percent. As in our previous examples. Without any political distinction, MHP, CHP, AKP sonra ik was decided to hold a press conference in place.

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