'Winter tire' statement from the Ministry of Transport: No obligation

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications announced that private cars are not obliged to wear winter tires.

Some media reports; It is stated that there is a hesitation about whether the application of winter tires should be applied in private automobiles and should be informed about this issue.

As it is known, the 09.02.2017 numbered 687 published in the Official Gazette on 2918 and the 65 / A item named X Winter Tire Obligation an added to the Highway Traffic Act XNUMX has been given to the Ministry to determine the principles for the use of winter tires for the vehicles used in the transportation of passengers and goods.

In this context, the principles and principles related to the X Communiqué on the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Obligation to Use Winter Tire Hakkında published in the Official Gazette on the date of 01.04.2017 by the Ministry were determined.
Accordingly, 1 is obliged to use winter tires for vehicles used in passenger and cargo transportation between December and 1 April. not including winter tire wearing of specially registered vehicles.

In addition, announcements regarding the date intervals to be applied to the winter tire within the provincial boundaries will be made by the relevant Governors. We also recommend the use of winter tires for all vehicles in winter conditions for life, property safety and safe travel, with no winter tires being required for private vehicles other than freight and passenger transport vehicles.

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