MOTAŞ evaluated Malatya Geziyor Project

A review of the 2017 season was made by MOTAŞ for the tour vehicle that made a tour of the historical areas.

The General Directorate of MOTAŞ conducted an evaluation on the project, which started in July of 2017 and continued until mid-September, with the following information:

Atya We have visited the historical areas of our province within the scope of the 'Malatya Geziyor' project initiated by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Çakır. We made our trip to two tours of 44 in two rounds of the week and we tried to establish a link with the past by introducing the historical regions of Malatya. We have tried to develop the consciousness of history in our people.

Our goal is to ensure that our people are able to take firm steps towards the future by developing an awareness of the history, and take inspiration from the past while developing future projects. For this purpose, we started the 'Malatya Geziyor' tours that we started in July. Malatya Governorship Culture and Tourism Directorate also gave a support by allocating a guide to introduce our guests to every place we visit.

During the two-and-a-half months program, we visited our 2 5 face visitors to the historical areas. Their 5 face was a group of students and disabled citizens. Again, this 5 90 of hundred people from different provinces of Turkey were our visually impaired citizens. We also depicted the places we passed by walking around historical sites of Malatya; We tried to revive before your eyes and introduced the historical places we visited.

We also offered snack food and soft drinks together with our gift bag which we prepared carefully for every guest who made a reservation on our open trip trip. During the tour, we had a great time with music.

We are planning to start in the coming season as soon as possible and equipped. In 2018 season, we aim to carry 4 thousand passengers X.

The statement also included some comments on the 'Malatya Geziyor' social media page and e-mails.

Some of these comments and mailers:

Oya Taylan's user social media. Çok We came from Istanbul and it was a very nice trip. We're thinking of going back again when we get here. Thank you for everything eler expressed his satisfaction.

User comments Bünyamin Kıvılcım; Im Hi I am a teacher who has been working outside the province for nearly 22 years and I am a founder of 3 who is part of my summer holiday. Although we do not know the name of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, and in particular, representing the municipality and the secret heroes of such a perfect trip organization, our driver, our guide, our friend in charge of catering; May Allah bless you. I was proud of a Malatya. With such a beautiful organization, I realized that I had just met my Malatya at the age of 44. It was a terrific culture trip for my children and me. I thank all my brothers and sisters who have contributed,

These tours are between 50-100 Euro abroad and every 2 is available every hour. You offer this service free of charge. It will be a separate beauty to be a comprehensive trip covering all Malatya. Gündüzbey, Yeşilyurt and Malatya can be included in the interior.

But it was really a 10 number 5 star program X.

Leman Levent's comments on: “We had a very nice day. Many thanks to our mayor and all the people who have contributed. We would love to see different places. E.g; Darende and other historical regions may be. Thank you so much for organizing such a trip. Hope to see your health in different historical regions, ”he said, requesting to organize tours to different regions.



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