Four Metro Stations To Be Connected In Moscow

The Moscow Metro Center Ring (Moscow-based suburban line) will be connected to four railway lines by 2020.

In his interview on the portal m24, First Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Transport Agency, Hamid Bulatov, said that the city authorities plan to connect the Moscow Central Ring and the four railway lines between 2018-2020 years.

At the moment, there is an 31 transfer point and 6 transport point in the Moscow Central Ring, electric train stations. Between 2018-2020, the subway line is planned to be built with the four railway lines as well as the construction of new metro stations.

At the other stage, the business center, hotels and residences will be constructed in areas close to the Transport Center of the Moscow Central Ring area.

Bulatov said, ası The Moscow Central Ring for the first year of the operation carried around 100 million passengers. Most of them are to transfer to other public transportation vehicles. Bunlar The average daily passenger traffic of the Moscow Central Ring is 370 thousand. Most of them are transported from the other metro stations to the ring. Together with this merge, the 8.5 will be able to alleviate the human traffic of the Moscow metro, which is used by over a million passengers.

According to Hamid Bulatov, 1600 will be used in the new railway line for underground transportation and the number of new cars will be doubled between 2017-2020.

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