Pavilion Station Refreshing

📩 19/12/2018 16:10

Restoration project is prepared by the Köşk Municipality of Aydın and renewed by the State Railways (DDY) and the Ministry of Finance is renewed.

After the restoration work of the Kiosk Railway Station, the Ministry will start the service after the restoration work. From the beginning to the renewed garda administrative department, ticket sales offices, businesses and environmental arrangements will gain a whole new look.

The railway line, which was built about 1 centuries ago, passes through the village center. The Municipality of Kosk and DDY 3. As a result of the joint work with the regional directorate, a study was started on this date to claim the texture. As a result of these works, the historical Kiosk Train Station will have a new look. It was learned that the restoration will be completed in 20 October 2017.

Meanwhile, landscaping and hangar restaration works continue on both sides of the railway line.

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