2 reinforcement to the Gulf fleet

Bringing the Izmir Bay together with 15 high-standard passenger and 3-car passenger ships, the Metropolitan Municipality will bid for 2 new cars. The financing of the new vessels to be purchased will be financed by an agreement with the credit institutions led by the World Bank organization IFC.

According to the agreement signed with IFC-led credit institutions, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will be auctioned for the 2 passenger car. Having completed the technical specifications of the vessels, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on the preparation of tenders and loans.

Both environmentally friendly and disabled
The new car passenger ships that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will add to its fleet will provide the speed and comfort achieved in sea transportation with its superior features.

The new ships will be capable of carrying 51 vehicles, 10 bikes, 10 motorcycles and 300 passengers. Ferries with a diesel electrical system compatible with the latest technological developments will be made more environmentally friendly and move with electric power. It will be equipped with high maneuverability propeller systems and cruise speeds will be 12 knots per hour. The large windows in the covered passenger lounge will offer passengers a panoramic view of the bay. TV broadcasts and wireless internet on ships managed with full electronic control system, automatic sales buffets with hot il hot drinks and snack foods, independent pet cages, baby care desk, disabled toilet, warning and direction signs written in Braille for visually impaired people, On the vehicle deck, there will be special parking spaces for the vehicles of the physically handicapped citizens, and the 2 handicapped elevator which provides access between the vehicle deck and the passenger deck on the sides of the ship's starboard and quay. The ships were designed to be a children's playground for the 2 - 5 age children in the indoor passenger lounge.

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