Konya Metropolitan, announced the timed timetable for public transportation!

Due to increasing costs due to public transportation expenditure inputs, the UKOME decision regulated the fees to be applied to the hand-held cards used in buses and trams and the contactless banking cards. Accordingly, while the discounted ticket is determined as 1.55 TL with one boarding pass, the full fare card is determined as 2.10 TL; Monthly Unlimited Discount Subscriber 100 TL was used in the average 90 boarding and Monthly Unlimited Full Subscription 135 TL was used.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), with the participation of representatives of relevant institutions and organizations in the meeting, re-determined the prices of public transport vehicles belonging to the city center.

UKOME'nin decision, due to the increase in public transport expenditure items used in buses and trams used in hand-held cards and contactless banking card passenger transport fees need to be rearranged said.

The prices to be formed according to the new regulation in Konya are as follows:

Discount Elkart: 1.55 TL.

Full Elkart: 2.10 TL.

Monthly Unlimited Redeemable Subscription for Average 100 boarding Elkart: 90 TL, Monthly Unlimited Full Subscription Elkart: 135 TL.

In accordance with the decision of UKOME, the contactless banking cards of the banks within the scope of the protocol signed between Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Interbank Card Center (BKM) have been determined as one thousandths of 2.10 TL.

With the new Metropolitan Law, Konya Metropolitan Municipality will expand its service area and strengthen its public transportation fleet with the latest model buses and trams.



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