Pre-school security measures taken in Kocaeli

18 On Monday, schools start the new school year. With the opening of schools, due to the density of the transportation system and school services in the traffic, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality wanted security measures on the roads to be followed. In the scope of the study, line study was performed in places such as junction crossing. Safe driving is provided by showing the speed warning signs of the vehicles on the road surfaces.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Department of Traffic Branch teams in Izmit, Kartepe, Basiskele and Kandira on the roads throughout the city to ensure traffic safety on the roads, road lane line, cross-stitching and crosswalk line with warning and arrow symbols and traffic signs performing their work. These studies are carried out at night in the traffic-intensive arteries to prevent the negative impact of traffic.


In Kandıra, Kartepe and Başiskele districts, there are ongoing works on kasis painting, pedestrian crossing lines and disabled parking lot symbol.

Izmit Salim Dervişoğlu Street and Yahya Kaptan District Salkım Söğüt Street were painting on the bike path. The cycle path of the bicycle path was highlighted with blue colored double component paint and bicycle warning symbols were applied to the ground.


Thermoplastic road strip line study was carried out on the İzmit Thursday Market Junction, Atatürk Boulevard, which completed the asphalt renovation process, and the plate assembly was completed with the necessary warning symbols. On the Atatürk Boulevard, the bus stop floor was painted so that parking was prevented. Parkomat applied parking spaces for the vehicles, thus creating safer parking limits.


Tramway approach warning symbols were applied to the tram crossing route at the intersection with double component paint and tram crossing lines. 160 thousand square meters of thermoplastic line work in the city of Kocaeli, 38 thousand square meters of pedestrian crossings with double-component paint, deceleration warning line work, 1200 pieces were applied in arrows and symbols.


On the other hand, the municipal police teams will also be in front of the school on Monday. Teams will work on the main routes to enable students to go to school in a healthy way. Police teams will help the services to be safely approached and take off in front of the school.

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