Vehicle noise in Istanbul is ending! IMM started a study

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has initiated a comprehensive study to prevent environmental noise throughout the city, especially on transportation routes. As a result of the study, where the opinion of Istanbul residents will be taken, the noise pollution in Istanbul will be minimized by measures such as silent asphalt and noise barrier.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department Environmental Protection Directorate has initiated a comprehensive 'Noise Action Plan' preparatory work for the prevention and control of environmental noise in Istanbul.

Strategic Noise Maps for highway, airports, rail systems and industrial facilities were prepared in line with the studies. According to the results of the noise map, high noise points were determined. Then, pilot-scale studies were conducted for the sources with the highest noise among these points.

Opinions of relevant institutions were received and silent asphalt, noise barrier, etc. noise-canceling actions were determined. Information on Istanbul noise maps and noise action plan studies and can be reached at.

On the other hand, a questionnaire was prepared to take the opinions and suggestions of the citizens towards the Istanbul Noise Action Plan (ISGEP). Istanbullular polls from the White Desk points of contact and the districts chosen by the pilot district. Following the survey, the requests and requests of the citizens will be included in the Istanbul Noise Action Plan (ISGEP) and submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

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