IETT: The Hadiths We Put on Metrobuses


IETT made an interesting statement about the hadiths put on the handles of metrobus. An IETT official who responded to BirGün's questions on the subject stated that this was only requested by a passenger and that the hadiths were put into this kind of metrobuses.

While the reactions of the AKP government to try to surround the state and every area of ​​life with a favorable religious approach, IETT, which is connected to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and provided public transportation services, hung hadith posters on the handles of metrobus. In the hadiths in the hands of the hand, "Mumin language is not prolonging", "is not doing bad business", "damn not reader", "bad words are not said" words took place. BirGün met with the IETT official on the matter. The IETT official said, inin One thing a citizen has designed himself is something he himself wants to do. He wanted to put it here, not a commercial concern. Ticari The statement of the İETT official is as follows:

Iştir In other words, IETT has tendered the tender for the tender to the contractors. In such things, a citizen or a customer makes such a request and puts advertising there. So this is a system that is provided by contractors using IETT's fields. Therefore, this has nothing to do with IETT, except that it uses our space ası This is something that someone wants without a commercial concern. This issue has no commercial concerns, something that a citizen himself has designed, something he himself wants to do. He wanted to place it here, there was no commercial concern in that b It's not like advertising money istem Bunu

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