Unification of Tramways Increases Passenger Capacity

The expansion of the stops in the trams operated by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Gaziulaş and the increase of the wagons increased the passenger capacity.

Thanks to the capacity increase resulting from the extension of the stops and running of the vehicles operating in the rail system, the number of passengers who prefer the tramway has increased. It was also stated that more comfortable transportation was provided by the studies.

The increase in passengers, which was more than 20 percent compared to the same period last year, is expected to continue in line with the increase in the number of vehicles. According to the statement of Gaziulaş officials; The trips with the maximum wagon vehicle before the stop extension last year are made with 38 wagon this year. In this way, it is aimed to improve passenger comfort.

Gaziulaş authorities reported that it is planned to increase the number of daily wagons to over 2018 in 40.

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