CHP Istanbul Deputy Reserve: We Say "Ya Kanal or Istanbul", They Say "Necessarily De Rant"

CHP Deputy Istanbul deputy. Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Gülay YEDEKCİ In his written question to be replied by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, Binalı YILDIRIM, he asked why only one firm was involved in the tender for the Channel Istanbul study project.

We say “Ya Kanal Ya İstanbul”, they say “Surely Rant”.

Yedekci said, “Every pillaging plan made against nature is the death sentence of Istanbul. We are for Istanbul. We will continue to protect our city and our country. ” said.?


The following questions are asked by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, Binali YILDIRIM, the 98 of the Constitution and the 96 and 99. In accordance with the provisions of the article, I request to be made in writing.

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Istanbul Deputy

The tender for the project of the Channel Istanbul Project, which has been referred to as iştir Crazy Project Proje, was realized with the participation of only one company. The company, which received the tenders of Marmaray, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Istanbul Subway, Ordu-Giresun Airport, Bursa Wastewater Treatment Plants and the three-storey Büyük İstanbul Tunnel, was the only participant in the Kanal İstanbul Project tender. Prior to the tender, the firm that won the tender and two other companies connected with it received more files but only one firm participated in the tender.

In this context;

In our country, the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs 3 2017 signed July XNUMX announced that the tender for the tender for the project in Istanbul, which won the tender for the project won't have any other companies in the equivalent size? If so, why did the related firms not be invited?

In the tender for the study of the Channel Istanbul Project, why is the same company where the single participant big projects are awarded?

Although it was stated that the channel route was determined in the introduction of the Channel Istanbul Project, it was stated that the environmental engineering and EIA impact analysis, geotechnical, geological, hydrogeological, geophysical studies and channel section and the exact route will be determined within the scope of the tender. If the channel route is determined, why has this article been added to the tender? The region, previously known as the Canal Istanbul route, was opened to zoning as a focus of rent and large real estate projects were implemented. With the possibility of changing the route, is it intended to make the new regions into the area of ​​rent?



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