Certified Ray Welders Do At Work

Yoldere conducted by the support it received from the European Union, Turkey's first railway sector in vocational training programs carried out by local trainers with the "Ray Welders are Sertifikalanıy" project was completed. Under the project the first time Alümünotermit Ray welder trainees certificates 36 eligible to receive the Certificate of Professional Competence in Turkey, Turkish State Railways 3. Regional Director Selim Koçbay and YOLDER Chairman Özden Polat. The trainees who received the certificates of Alumunothermite Ray Welder given by the Vocational Qualifications Authority were employed.

Railway Construction and Operating Personnel Assistance and Solidarity Association (on the road is) Supporting Lifelong Learning in Turkey-II Grant Program supported by the European Union "Ray Welders are Sertifikalanıy" has a vocational training project TCDD xnumx.bölg Culture and held in the Arts Center The ceremony ended.
Labor and Social Security Ministry of the European Union and the Financial Aid Office accepted the grant programs implemented by the Presidency and 114 thousand 402 scope euro grant projects s ​​raise Turkey's certified rail welders did business head.

Under the coordination of YOLDER, the project was implemented with the cooperation of Erzincan University Refahiye Vocational School and TCDD Ankara Training Center.

In the scope of the project prepared by field experts and approved by the General Directorate of Lifelong Learning of the Ministry of National Education, completed the program with the curriculum in the curriculum, and the only authorized certification board in the field of rail systems, the RAYTEST'da trainees who take the exam 36 Occupational Qualification Authority granted by the Alumunotherm to receive the Ray Welder Certificate deserved. The project is of great importance in terms of ensuring that the relevant vocational trainings are carried out with Turkish trainers instead of foreign experts.

Özden Polat: önemli Civil Society Organizations assume important responsibilities in the sector Öz
Turkey's first professional qualification appropriate sertfikalandırıl have Alümünotermit Ray saving the sector Welders project Speaking at the closing meeting on the road is Chairman Ozden Parker, a pioneer in terms of value for the first and move in the area voiced carry pleased to have successfully completed this project. Polat also underlined that YOLDER has organized trainings in the railway sector on subjects such as vocational training, certification, legal regulations and working conditions., I am proud to say that the role and effort of civil society organizations in vocational education is once again to be shown. we are very pleased with the work. The projects we put into practice increase our courage to do better. Hay

Selim Koçbay: söz Our country has a voice in the railway sector in the world Sel
TCDD 3 speaks at the closing meeting of the lar Certified Ray Welders Geliştiril vocational training project. Selim Koçbay, Regional Director, underlined that the investments of the railroads have been re-turned into a state policy after a long period of time.

160 annual railway culture, experience and knowledge to find a place in Turkey in the world in railway construction and operation of integrating with international standards Pointing out that crops out, "the quality of the work done to have a say in the construction and operating worldwide must be proof of compliance with the standards. This is only documented and documented that the material used, the equipment, and the workforce performing these tasks comply with the international rules. At this point, the certification of all items constituting the whole comes up. İşte Büyük The certification of rail welders is of great importance in terms of realizing a first in our country in this sense, aç said Selim Koçbay, iz Rail source trainings conducted by foreign experts are now carried out with our own human resources. In this context, I congratulate everyone who contributed to the project. Bu

Cüneyt Türkkuşu: ın The railwaymen now have a universal job description C
Referring to the importance of TCDD in the management of qualified human resources and its active participation in employment, TCDD Human Resources and Training Department Vice President Cüneyt Türkuşu stated that there has been a great change and transformation in the railway with a long history. Underlining that the most important factor for the rapid change and the applicability of the development is the trained manpower to keep up with the development, Türkkuşu said, yetiş The development of the professional qualifications of the labor force for the rail systems sector and the establishment of the certification systems have been initiated under the leadership of TCDD in 160. 2011 specific to the railway sector has been prepared in a way to increase the international competitiveness of our workforce, occupational standards and qualifications. For the first time in the 18 annual history, railway professions have been recognized on a universal scale. X

Ebru Köse: ücü Certified labor force is involved in employment E
The 15, which has completed the theoretical and practical training in the 48 program, will complete the module at the end of the module. The project is the most important one of the steps is a subsidiary of TCDD foundation in the certification process and Turkey in the railway sector staff certification that only VOC-TEST Center is RAYTEST Manager Ebru KÖSE, "Training completed their trainees our exams, Alümünotermit National Qualifications to, FMC and TURKAK accreditation rules according It was realized by RAYTEST in Ankara. The students were taken to the theoretical and then applied exams. 36 our trainees xnumx's as Turkey's first successful Alümünotermit Ray Welder Certificate was entitled to have the FMC. As RAYTEST, we will continue to support the participation of all the welders working in the sector as certified by the labor force AY.

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