Cooperation between AGU and Kayseri Transportation Inc.

📩 19/12/2018 16:10

A cooperation protocol has been signed between Abdullah Gül University (AGU) and Kayseri Transportation Company to develop innovative courses for the uygulan Transportation lisans field to be applied in the undergraduate education of the Department of Civil Engineering.

Protocol, Rectorate Senate hall, Rector. Dr. It was signed by İhsan Sabuncuoğlu and Kayseri Transportation Inc. General Manager Feyzullah Gündoğdu.

Representatives of Vice Rectors, Deans and Departments, and officials from Kayseri Transport Inc. attended the signing ceremony.

Within the scope of the protocol, Faculty Members of Civil Engineering Department of AGU and Kayseri Transportation Inc. will design and give courses on active learning in the field of Railway Engineering and Rail Transportation.

In these courses, students will be able to learn and design Kayseri Rail Inc.'s real scale rail transport projects by designing and doing it. The first application within the scope of the protocol is 2017 - 2018 4. Demiryolu Kayseri Transportation Railway Engineering (Kayseri Transportation Railway Engineering) course will be given to the students and will continue with the Kayseri Transportation Railway Design Project which will be given in the spring semester.

In both courses, students will benefit from the sectoral experience gained in the design and construction of railway transportation systems of Kayseri Transport Inc., along with theoretical knowledge in the trainings related to railway engineering.

In addition, within the scope of the protocol, the students are expected to graduate from Kayseri Transportation Inc. with the practical experience in the design and construction of the rail transportation systems and to contribute to the design work of the new rail system routes planned to be constructed, both during and during summer courses.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Rector. Dr. Ihsan Sabuncuoglu, students in real life, real projects, touching, they want to learn by contaminating their hands, he said. Professor Dr. Sabuncuoğlu, Kayseri Transportation Inc. said they will implement this protocol with the protocol.

Feyzullah Gündoğdu, General Manager of Kayseri Transportation Company, said that they have a good knowledge, that they produce information and share their knowledge and they share their knowledge with 40 in different national and international events and they share the information they produce in various ways.

Gundogdu, not only in Kayseri also support the project with a lot in Turkey including Istanbul, told us that they are located in contributions as consulting services.

Head of AGU Civil Engineering Department Assoc. Dr. As in every engineering branch, Burak Uzal stated that the employment opportunities in the field of Civil Engineering vary with various factors.

Among them, the subject of transportation is of great importance Assoc. Dr. Uzal said that AGU Civil Engineering students will graduate more advantageously with this cooperation and new courses they add to the curriculum.

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