Izmir AB praise: "Izmir is Turkey's shining star"

European Union Delegation to Turkey, Vice President Gabriel Munuer Vinals, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's sustainable urban transport said their efforts to carefully monitor their support and added: "Turkey's Izmir literally a shining star."

The European Mobility Week activities organized to encourage European municipalities to implement and develop more sustainable transportation measures and to direct the society to use alternative transportation methods to automobiles started in İzmir with the Ulaşım Sustainable Transportation Symposium ”. The symposium held at the Historic Gas Factory, as well as important names in the field of transportation, as well as CHP Izmir Deputy Murat Minister, Konak Mayor Sema Pekdaş, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Member Muzaffer Tunçağ, Karşıyaka Deputy Mayor Ayşem Özzambak, Hakan Gündüz, Deputy Mayor of Buca, Ersel Tanrıöver, Deputy Mayor of Bornova and Ahmet Güney, Deputy Mayor of Seferihisar shared their contributions to the future of the city.

Izmir is Turkey's shining star
European Union Speaking at the opening of the symposium Delegation to Turkey, Vice President Gabriel Munuer Vinals, Izmir is the only city participating organizations from Turkey said showed examples of his work in this area, and said: "Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and its institutions, regularly in recent years the European Mobility Week I want to congratulate you on their participation. We know that you are making an effort to implement sustainable urban transport. The EU Delegation supports these efforts of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to prepare sustainable urban transport. For this purpose, we sign an agreement with the World Bank and under this agreement, we provide financial and expert support to lay the foundations of sustainable urban transportation for İzmir. A shining star of Turkey and Izmir almost beautiful than the other people who live in this city. The motto of this year is the following; 'Sharing takes you forward'. Shared mobility is both socializing and fun. I invite all Izmir residents to active activities. ”

518 reduced carbon emissions
General Secretary of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Buğra Gökçe reminded that they closed the Plevne Street to vehicle traffic and carried out 'City without Car' activities within the scope of European Mobility Week in the past years and said, “But we thought that it would not be enough to close only one region to traffic this year, and to what extent Europe handled this situation. We organized some activities in this context by examining what he was looking at. ” This event draws attention to whether a metropolitan municipality that owns more than Izmir Turkey Gokce words continued as follows:

"A pioneer in Izmir Turkey, examples of work being done. We build the general framework of this on the main idea of ​​reducing carbon emissions. In order to reduce carbon emissions on highways, we created the first electric bus fleet of our country in public transportation. Our first 20 buses have arrived and it is aimed to grow this bus fleet up to 400. Electric buses have carried 1 million 154 thousand passengers since the day they arrived. This means that consumption of 193 thousand 464 liters of fuel was prevented and 518 tons of carbon emission decreased. ”

Step by step to the goal
He also encourages public transportation and states that they have developed new policies for the promotion of individual transportation. Gökçe said, “We have a choice that prioritizes the tendency of city centers towards pedestrian and bicycle transportation. One of the primary efforts to reduce the carbon emission in transportation is to focus on the rail system. In the maritime transportation, our 15 carbon composite passenger and 3 car vessel met with the Gulf of Izmir. These ships are both economic and environmentally friendly vehicles. We also have heavy construction works in terms of bicycles and pedestrian processes. With the uninterrupted cycle paths that complete the gulf in the coming years, Izmir residents will easily reach their desired destinations with their bicycles. Therefore, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has fulfilled its promise to reduce the 2020% carbon emission step by step until 20. ”

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