3. Where is the Metro Line to Provide Transportation to the Airport?

Last week AirTürkHaber 3. The construction of the airport carried the photograph of American astronauts on International Space Station to the headline of American Randy Bresnik, which was taken while crossing over Istanbul.

Astronaut Bresnik, the photo taken from the IAI, but the purpose of the photo to see the Bosphorus in general, while the report draws attention to details.

The picture of a huge airport building in the north-west end of Istanbul is undoubtedly making people proud.

The size of the construction area is clearly noticeable even in the photograph taken from the ground up to about 350 km, while in the same photograph there are other details attached to the eye.

3, which will be one of the biggest in the world for the first time. First of all, I understand where our airport is located in Istanbul.

29 October 2018'da the first stage of the new airport is expected to be completed and almost every week about the "here is over, this place is completed" news are published and published.

But there's something I'm stuck with in this photo.

We all knew, but it is clear that the new airport is quite outside of Istanbul.

I remember the day. 3-4 lane roads were opened at the 120 km hour, and metro lines will be opened at the center of Istanbul.

Now I think that while we are constantly making news about the completion of every mix of the airport, there is a very important thing missing.

We are not able to publish the news of the slightest improvement in transportation to the airport.

29 October 2018 has nothing left. So where's the transportation? Hani 3-4 lane roads, I left 120 km at 60 km per hour, but the subway?

What do I do with their construction? Does it work, is it walking, what is the final status? Most importantly, is it capable of catching the speed of airport construction?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not one of those who argue that the 3 airport, its location, its homeland, its bird migration path will be under the influence of the harsh geography of the north.

The elders who will be among the biggest in the world and who decide to build are among those who think that they will find a remedy.

But as I said, the more I look at the picture, the more I think about how to reach the idea and the point in which we are not yet working on this issue.

Sahi, 29 October How to reach 2018 From Istanbul to the world's largest airport? Do you know anyone?

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