What happened to the Sumela Monastery Ropeway Project?

sumela cable car project comes to life
sumela cable car project comes to life

Maçka Mayor Koçhan said, "No progress has been made in this 3-year period" for the cable car project, which was decided to be built in Sümela Monastery 3 years ago.

Sumela Monastery will be done in the cable car project to be done a step indicating that the Maçka Municipality Koray Koçhan cable car project will be completed in case of completion of the number of tourists 2 million said. Mayor Koray Koçhan, who stated that they were upset by the completion of the lift, said: han I think the cable car in the Sumela monastery should have been done by this time. But there has not been any progress in this year yet. Ama

. If the ropeway project is completed, the traffic problem is solved. As soon as possible for me to do the cable car is one of the must-have, Bir he said. Koçhan underlined that the road construction works of Çakırgöl Ski Center in the region will also gain more importance after the road construction works are completed. Daha This was not only in our Coşandere region but also in our Hamsiköy valley, a new tourism destination and started quickly. Businesses are sometimes inadequate, but now the most important thing in Maçka is increasing the number of businesses and accommodations in a fast and controlled way. İşlet

Stating that the bed capacity in Maçka will be increased with the completion of the tourism nail polishes in the region, Koçhan said: “We have a bed capacity of nearly a thousand now. With the investments in the last 2 months and the investments in 2018, the capacity will reach thousand. Anyway, when Çakırgöl ski center is finished, 5 thousand beds are planned in Maçka. " - trabzonnews