Zeytinoğlu, "We would like to operate for the ferry service"

Speaking at the September council meeting of the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, KSO President Ayhan Zeytinoğlu said, “We recommend the similar ferry voyages between the Değirmendere Lieutenants and the Körfez race track, between Harem and Sirkeci. The land is also suitable for these voyages. If necessary, we can request it to be operated as a Chamber ”.

After Minister Arslan attended the parliamentary meeting, he told the Minister that:
“The tender for the Kurtköy-Akyazı section of the Northern Marmara Motorway project, which concerns us, was made and its construction started. There is only one connection from the north of Dilovası. We also request connections from GOSB, Güzeller OSB, Plastikçiler OSB and TOSB. The connection provided to the OIZs does not meet the needs of the OIZs in Gebze as planned. We demand a new planning. Also, we want it to be connected to the 3rd Bridge Highway in the Bay. We request the Southern Highway Project, which is included in the government program, to be tendered in the first half of 2018. Also, we think that a railway line should be planned in the Köseköy-Gölcük-Gemlik direction. We request that the initiative made at the Gebze OSB highway connection booth in the direction of Istanbul be made for the direction of Kocaeli.

The cost of transportation between Yılport and Ankara is 46,7 TL with tonnage. By road 2 TL and tone time 19,7 hours, If all the factors that are missing in our country are removed, we can see that transportation by rail can be made cheaper than 60 on the highway. The first phase of this is the liberalization of railways. First of all, I would like to mention that we were very pleased to establish TCDD Transportation Inc. in June last year.

We believe that with the connection of OIZs and ports with rail, the desired industrialization process in Anatolia will accelerate and this will be the biggest incentive given to the industry. Our third line request for freight and suburban transportation parallel to the high-speed train line passing through our region (Istanbul-Ankara) was accepted. In addition, we request a new fourth line in addition to the third line between Gebze and Köseköy to be planned and built in geographically suitable regions. We would like to plan a railway line in parallel with the Köseköy - Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge New Railway project, where only freight will be carried. As you know, none of the ports and OIZs in our city have a railway connection in freight transportation.

We request the junction line works initiated by TCDD to start the construction phase as soon as possible. However, we need additional junction lines. In the short term, we expect the fourth railway line, which does not seem possible to be uninterrupted, between Darıca and Köseköy to be connected to industrial clusters and ports by a stringline line. In the case of failure to connect from the 4th line due to the slope problem, we request a connection to the 9 OIZs in the north of Dilovası and Gebze and to the Köseköy-Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge New Railway line in the medium term. From Cengiz Topel Airport, which was opened to civil aviation in 2011, we want regular daily flights to 3-4 cities.

I mentioned that our Metropolitan Municipality has made significant investments with its own financing. I want to thank them again from here. We ask for financial support to start the "Metro line between Darıca - Gebze - OIZs" project with an investment cost of TL 2,2 billion. We request that the "Körfez - Köseköy subway line project", which is approved by the Ministry and cost about 5 billion TL, be included in the budget and obtain financing. In addition, we want this line to be extended to Gebze and Cengiz Topel, budgeted and tendered. This financing; We see that it can be provided with 7,5 billion TL, which I just mentioned. With this difference of only 1 year, we can complete all the infrastructure needs of our city in a short time.

In addition to these projects, I would like to present you a new proposal, which we have not yet shared with the public. Although it is located around Kocaeli Bay, sea transportation is not effective enough. There are ferries between Karamürsel and İzmit, which are 35 km away. It takes 2,5 hours. The night is beautiful, but not effective. In the case of a subway line between Köseköy-Gebze in the north of the Bay and a light rail system between Yalova and Köseköy in the south of the Gulf, urban traffic is very comfortable. In this way; Sea transportation can become much more effective with fast transportation between Karamürsel-Hereke, Değirmendere-Körfez and Gölcük-Derince. We recommend the similar ferry voyages between the Değirmendere Yuzbaşılar and the Körfez race track, between Harem and Sirkeci. The land is also suitable for these voyages. If necessary, we can request it to be operated as a Chamber "

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