Kocaoğlu metro question: Why is credit approval not given?

Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Aziz Kocaoğlu, who participated in the joint broadcast of three local radios broadcasting in Izmir as a live broadcast guest, made important statements that will mark the agenda. Mayor Kocaoğlu asked why the Iller Bank approval for the 110 million Euro loan that the Islamic Development Bank is ready to give to Izmir and that they will use for the Narlıdere metro has not been given since March.

Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “I would like to open İZBAN with the Prime Minister who came on September 8 and then celebrate the liberation of İzmir together. There are celebrations in İzmir in Cumhuriyet Square, but at the same time, a groundbreaking ceremony was held in Buca in the program of the Prime Minister. This is a huge contradiction. Who set this up? Why did they put Mr. Prime Minister in such a position? The Prime Minister should question this too, ”he said.

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu participated in the joint broadcast of three local radios broadcasting in İzmir, Romantik Türk, Can Radio and Yıldız FM. Answering the questions of Abdullah Polat, Gökhan Kafalı and Melih Bingöl, Mayor Kocaoğlu made important statements regarding the city and the country's agenda.

I have a personality and red lines

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu also answered questions about the crisis experienced at the opening ceremony of İZBAN's Selçuk line last week. Mayor Kocaoğlu stated that they have organized the opening and groundbreaking ceremonies of İZBAN, which is a joint investment of the State Railways and the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, and said: “In the press, our Honorable Prime Minister will come to celebrate the day of salvation of Selçuk, and from there İZBAN The rumors that he would get on and get off in Torbalı had been circulating for 15 days. The friends in İZBAN are asking the State Railways, "what is it, what is not". I think about a week before the opening, the General Manager of State Railways called. He said that after the Liberation event, the Prime Minister in Selçuk would get on the train and get off in Torbalı. We said 'ok'. We don't know anything else either.

Invitation to us came that day (8 September). The program was written in an invitation prepared by the Governor's Office. We met the Prime Minister at the airport and went to Selcuk. However, there is neither the celebration nor anything. IZBAN has an opening ceremony. They kindly gave us a speech. It's my turn, I'm on the stand. Before we booed, 'Down, talk' was said. Then the Recep Tayyip Erdogan slogans began. I waited for it to end. I looked at the tense environment, 'Friends, if you allow me to talk short,' I said. But the booing continued again. He wasn't coming. This is extremely ugly. There is Mr. Prime Minister; ministers, deputies, provincial heads. It is known to everyone who brought them there and who edited them.

I do not give names so that there is no right to answer, but we all know who, where, how, what they do, how they organize them. Then we had to leave. Someone from there did not get up and say anything. Everyone will remember, when there was a protest against Nihat Ergün, the Minister of Industry at the opening of the Izmir International Fair, I jumped to the podium, silenced everyone, and replied. They tried to make such a protest to the Deputy Governor at the opening of İzmir Fair; I silenced again as a host. However, as I was booed here, the facial movements, gestures and gestures of the people in the protocol did not seem to be upset or affected by such an event. The whole public saw them as well. It was wrong, it should not be done. We did not deserve these. Mr. Prime Minister has a very heavy word; He said, "So, he does not deserve the slogan of our President." I have no fault with the welcome, farewell and respect I have made for the state protocol until today. I am the mayor. I apply what I know right. What do we do to boo, "inferior" discourses. This job has no winners. The Prime Minister must ask the organizers of this operation to account where he is. If he calls me, I'll tell him these names as well. There is no explanation for such an act in a place where the Prime Minister is present. I wish it never happened again.

Mr. Prime Minister arrived on 8 September. If we had opened İZBAN together .. At the same time, the next day İzmir had its salvation; The end of the War of Independence, the liberation of the country. The country survived the day the enemy was taken to the sea in Izmir. We celebrate this holiday as the country's liberation and establishment. If the Prime Minister had come to lay a wreath at Cumhuriyet Square. If we went to the Government Square together, we watched the activities together… There are celebrations in İzmir in Cumhuriyet Square, but at the same time, the groundbreaking ceremony was held in Buca where the Revolution Station is in the program of the Prime Minister. This is a huge contradiction. Who set this up? Why did they put Mr. Prime Minister in such a position? The Prime Minister should question this too. I have a personality, I have a red line. I am against injustice, injustice, offending people. If anyone tries to offend my personality, create such a position, I will react as much as I can. I've shown it in the past. Here too ... There is no big, small, party member, this party member, relative or relative for me. If it touches my red lines, I'll do that to my kid too. ”

Islamic Development Bank announces the truth

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu gave very striking responses to the claim of Hamza Dağ, Deputy Chairman of the AKP, saying, “Although İzmir Metropolitan Municipality applied for loans to many places, including the Islamic Development Bank, it could not receive a positive return”.

Mayor Kocaoğlu, who wanted all listeners and people from İzmir to listen to this issue with his ears, explained the process related to the loan to be obtained from Islamic Development Bank: uz We are looking for a loan for Narlıdere subway. Besides, we don't take credit except for this kind of work. We found the loan from the world financial institutions. It costs us in euros from libor + percent 2.85 to 3. We can get this loan in a week. Due to the strong financial structure of our municipality, I cannot find a loan.

Hamza Dağ knows this very well, too. If he doesn't know, let him learn now. While I was negotiating with other institutions, officials from the Islamic Development Bank came to me by appointment. Islamic Bank and Iller Bank are working together. Islamic Bank, the provincial affairs in Turkey, he solves agreement with the Bank. '1.35 percent cost, 0.50 percent of Iller Bank commission. They said, 'We'll give a loan at a cost of 1.85. They said that Iller Bank received 150 million Euros, gave 40 million to Antalya and that 110 million Euros were ready. I even stated that we needed an additional 350 - 400 million Euros for the Buca Metro. They said, 'We can solve that too.' We immediately (in March) wrote a letter to Iller Bank for a loan of 110 million Euros; no sound.

Since Iller Bank is affiliated to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, I visited our Minister. I asked for support in this matter. Our minister didn't say anything positive or negative about it. Since then, I am waiting for an appointment with Mr. Prime Minister. I have 5-6 topics to discuss. This is one of the most important of these issues. If I can get the loan at 1.85 percent, I will; if I don't get it, I can't stop the subway; I'il get it from 2.85. However, such an event would not happen because I did not get an appointment with the Prime Minister while 1.85 was standing. There is a serious savings. Then I went to Ankara again, I met with the General Manager of Iller Bank. 'We will use this 110 million euros in urban transformation; can not give for him 'he said. I thanked him; I'm out.

The next day I went to the Islamic Development Bank. The authorities there, '110 million euros in infrastructure investments, output can not be used in urban transformation' he said. When Binali Bey arrived during Ramadan, I could not see him. Since then, I have requested an appointment to discuss these issues; I'm waiting. I'll see 15 minutes, otherwise I will sign 2.85. Hamza Dag Islamic Bank 'metropolitan could not get credit' he says. We do politics. In politics, 3 percent, 10 percent may make some 50 exaggeration. But there is nothing else about the Islamic Development Bank loan that I have mentioned. ”

If they will not ..
13 years ago, one of Turkey's most indebted municipality of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's most powerful council of perhaps today Kocaoglu President underlined that the first, "Do you know where Cıngı is out? We have been in the market for 13 years. We did not delay our debt even a day. Our credit rating has reached the ceiling in international rating agencies. The Islamic Bank has come for this. There is a resource here. Other AKP municipalities do not have a ready-made approved project. But I did not ask why you came to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Regarding the joke of the AKP deputy 'he cannot get credit', I would like to say this: Our loan is already ready. Our loan, which is ready in the range of 2.85 - 3 percent, is currently blocked. We keep it waiting to see if we can get it from the Islamic Bank. They even called the finance department of our municipality, so that we should not keep it waiting if the loan will not be used .. ”He said.
President Kocaoğlu answered the question about whether the Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım knew about the situation with the Islamic Bank loan and said: orum I do not know whether our Prime Minister knows this issue or not. But from Hamza Dağ's statement, I interpret that this issue has been discussed in certain places and that it has been decided to be rejected. Because nobody knows I'm dealing with this. There's no use in talking. If they do, they will, if they don't, we will say 'get a job, get expensive'; We will do. ”

We want an appointment, we go.
Some AKP politicians, "Aziz President can not get an appointment if we get" in the form of an answer to the question about the President Kocaoglu, "Melih Gokcek or Kadir Topbas wants to meet with the Prime Minister to make an appointment? If this happens, it goes to other channels. This is a discourse for themselves. It belongs to the owner. It's not like we can't make an appointment. There is no need for an intermediary or a loan shark. We want the appointment, we go and we talk. Gider

The metropolitan center invests more than the government

Mayor Kocaoğlu also evaluated the statement that AKP MPs brought to the agenda as "Izmir ranks second in government investments" and emphasized that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has made more investments than the investments of the central government and said: "Someone who got up the other day was' Izmir Metropolitan We give money to the municipality, we have paid the debts. ' When did he give money? Izmir industrialists, shopkeepers are making more and paying taxes in all provinces of the Republic of Turkey. We also get a share from it. Other than that, I have not received a penny from the central government for any project. The money that goes to the central budget from Izmir is 42 billion lira. It is 2.5-3 billion liras from the central government. Except for the necessary expenditures of 13 billion lira.

Hamza Dağ, other members of parliament, the Prime Minister will question this and answer the people of Izmir. With astronomical figures, high speed trains are coming 10 billion, expressway is coming 2 billion… Accounting is unerring; It is double-sided. Pros cons eventually holds up. Looking at the figures of the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance, it is seen who made how much investment. "

They'il be happy with the tram
Mayor Kocaoğlu touched upon the discussions about whether tramway is necessary for İzmir and said: göre We are implementing metro and tram projects according to the situation of the region and the passengers. Karşıyaka tram to Katip Çelebi University, Çiğli Ata Industry, Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. Karşıyakalı satisfied with the tram, citizens living in the Konak region will be satisfied. It ends at Christmas; we will see by living. Tramway is one of the most important projects of Izmir. We'il see if it's disrupting or relieving traffic. I believe that the satisfaction level of our citizens will be maximized ”.

Clogged process at disposal plant
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kocaoğlu said that they continue to be determined about the solid waste disposal facility they want to bring to the city, but they have been blocked due to the lawsuits filed. President Aziz Kocaoglu, despite the positive views of the university experts who offer opinions to the court underlined that a different approach.

Stating that many different places have been on the agenda since the first day of the solid waste disposal facility project, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said: “Before I told anyone about the place in Yamanlar, I went to the professional chambers and showed them. We talked about what could happen, talked, and they liked the place. We took the relevant regional and provincial directors and got positive opinions from all institutions, but 2-3 lawyers objected to this process.

The court decided to stop the execution. The expert reports came against us. Then we received reports from universities and scientists. The reports we received were positive. We received all kinds of project commitments requested by the State Hydraulic Works and Forestry Directorate. At the moment, there is nothing coming from the Ministry of Environment. They want this to begin as soon as possible.

However, we cannot get the EIA report before the execution stops and the court decision is over. Therefore, we are on hold. This time, the court asked the same experts to prepare a report within the framework of the reports from the university, and this time they announced a report against us in a more violent manner. The situation is at this stage. This job has been blocked. It is clear what we have done in terms of environment, greening, cleaning the bay and purification. We are by far the leader in environmental investments in the country. I wish the lawyers who filed this lawsuit to review their decisions again. There is no other place. When there is no place either, 'I found it, went to EIA', it will not be this period. It is in the middle of the next period. "

Let's create a board, he can supervise

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu also reminded that there is a reaction in the society against thermal power plants due to the damage to the environment and human health as a result of the failure to operate the chimney systems, as in the examples of Yatağan and Köyceğiz, and said that a similar situation has been experienced regarding the waste. Stating that wild storage methods were used in the past and wastes were not perceived as an industrial product and as an economic value, President Kocaoğlu continued as follows: “We will establish an exemplary facility and we will need many places like this. 80 percent of our waste is collected in the metropolis, 10 percent in Küçük Menderes and 10 percent in Bakırçay. Here, we will recycle and separate 40 percent of the garbage in the center. We will do this in a place close to the city, close to the center.

Since we have not been able to show the sample facility to this day, we cannot proceed fast. Unlike the thermal power plant, we could not do anything to eliminate the fear of people. Give us this chance. If anyone wants to be a watcher or a controller in this matter, let's create a board. Let this board supervise from construction to operation. Evaluate our mistakes, whether we are harming the environment. We also recommend this, we are open. The Ministry of Environment, as soon as the court decision on this issue is over, I think we will issue the EIA and make expropriation within a month. Before the court decides, we can neither expropriate, buy land from the treasury, nor spend money by bidding on the project. "

Line rental problem in İZBAN
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu also touched on the rental price demanded for the railway line used by the municipality and TCDD's joint company İZBAN, saying, “I have to rent my line for 5 million dollars plus 5 million Euros”. İZBAN has no income, we pay debts. This rent needs to be brought to a reasonable level. Not only the Metropolitan Municipality, but also İZBAN pays the rent. There is no money in İZBAN. He said, "I pay 5 liras for me, 5 lira for the State Railways, 5 liras for the state, but still 10 liras for the State Railways."

Criteria for candidacy
Asked about the 2019-point candidate criteria set by the Republican People's Party for the 10 local elections, Mayor Kocaoğlu stated that he has not yet had a written statement and that some information can be distorted, saying, “When evaluating a mayor candidate, it is necessary to evaluate it with his stance, his outlook on life and his perspective on people. "The generally accepted man is generally accepted from a certain section of every voter."

Local forces should design the organization

Stating that he will not be involved in the elections for the district or the provincial presidency, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “They can be a candidate from Izmir, but the organization should be designed by local forces. In other words, those who work here should have an organization. You can come from the quota, I don't say anything to him, but the organization is local. The organization manages tens of thousands of people. Then you will not interfere with the race of these men in the organization.

Today there are thousands, tens of thousands of people in the organizations of the parties like CHP, AKP and MHP. Since you cannot bring them in your pocket, you will respect those in the organization. No matter where you look at Izmir's 30 candidate, 25 comes from the organization. It is wrong for the mayor who came from within the organization to appoint his relatives and relatives to the party. It is the duty of the mayor to keep the organization he / she will work healthy and party interests superior ”.

Inciralti will be paradise
Stating that the İnciraltı region has been well protected by the landowners so far, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality expressed his gratitude to the landowners there, and continued as follows: “It was time to plan İnciraltı, it was long past. Now there has gained momentum. After 5 years, the money will be not only in one floor, but also in the function you load on that land. İnciraltı will be heaven. Think about how hospitals, cure centers, thermal pools are built in greenery and how they will bring added value to the city. Yesterday regarding the plans of the cure center in Çeşme sohbet we did. When we build the cure center, when we increase the occupancy time of the hotels in Çeşme for another month, when the season is 4 months, the tourism income increases by 50 percent. We are building one of the cure centers in Çeşme and the other in Doğanbey. The more beds there are, the more employees work. Industry no longer generates employment. We also need to create employment opportunities in this paradise country. Completing İnciraltı, İzmir will make a leap forward both with its nature and employment opportunities. "

There's no point in polluting nature
Referring to the quarry debate that came to the fore in Buca, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “We no longer have the chance to interfere with the quarries. Licensing authority was taken from us. It belongs to the governorship, not to us. While there are ready-made quarries, there is no point in making it widespread so that someone else can produce it there. There is no point in opening up to the peninsula. The gravel is already going from Belkahve. What is the point of being established there again? What is the point of polluting nature? A quarry license was issued in Urla where our old border ends. There is no point in murdering nature. "I do not blame anyone, but we do not have the authority," he said.

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