The merger of Siemens and Alstom will help to Turkey

The French railway manufacturer Alstom and Siemens' railroad unit joined forces against the growing Chinese threat. This merger will benefit the Turkish companies supplying products to France.

The railway unit of France-based famous train manufacturer Alstom and the German industrial giant Siemens decided to join forces against the increasing Chinese threat. According to the official statement made by the two companies, the merger will be made through Alstom. The French company will go to capital increase, and the German Siemens will have half of the shares of Alstom in this way. The agreement will come into force after the approvals of the two companies' executive boards and official institutions. After the merger against the increasing threat of CRRC, which is supported by the Chinese state, in the world and especially in Europe, a giant with an annual income of more than 16 billion euros will emerge.

The new generation 'Alstom' that will emerge after the merger will change the balances in Europe. But this merger will also contribute greatly to Turkish companies that already supply products to high speed trains in France. The most important of these companies is Kayseri-based Mega Metal. Mega Metal, which is one of the most important supplier companies of the high-speed train network in France, with its high-tech copper wires produced in Kayseri, will continue to send its products to France for high-speed train connections within the scope of the agreement reached.

We have started our new investment of 15 million euros
Cüneyt Ali Turgut stated that the emerging company will change the balances in Europe in the field of transportation and said: “We export 60% of our production. Mega Metal products are used in almost every country in Europe. Our turnover target for this year is 250 million euros. News coming today is that investments in railways will continue increasingly in both France and Germany. We have started our new investment of 15 million euro. ”

We export copper wire close to 2 thousand tons per year
Cüneyt Ali Turgut, Chairman of the Board of Mega Metal, underlined that the agreement reached could also create important opportunities for them. France is one of our most important markets in this field. We export nearly 2 thousand tons of copper wire to the region annually. We will continue to increase our exports, "he said.

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