Trambus Expeditions in Malatya Extended to ÖZSAN Junction

The Trambus System, which makes public transportation in Malatya breathable and creates great satisfaction for passengers, has been extended to the junction of ÖZSAN Industrial Estate.

In the statement made by the General Directorate of MOTAŞ on the subject, it was stated that such a decision was taken as a result of the evaluation made upon intense demand; Tr Since the day it was put into operation, we have extended the trambus system, which we used with great pleasure and close to all the feedbacks, to return from the junction of ÖZSAN Industrial Site. With this decision taken as a result of our work, we wanted industrial tradesmen and the surrounding passengers to enjoy this transportation comfort.

We plan to provide transportation to the region with the battery on the vehicles without pulling the catenary line. As a result of our tests, we have observed that we can cover the distance between MAŞTI and ÖZSAN Industrial Site junction with battery. We made our transportation plans accordingly. 18, which is the first day of opening of schools, has started flights since September.

first in Turkey; Battery Public Transport
We have seen that it provides the expected performance and savings in the Trambus System we implemented in Malatya. With this result, we concluded how much we have achieved with the Trambus system. All this is the only example in Sanliurfa province near Turkey and also considering the business to be taken katanersiz TRAMBUS system, ie without electricity until we extend ÖZSAN junction with battery. This is without electrical power line in Turkey; This is the first example of public transport carried out with the power of the battery..

ÖZSAN said that the passenger named Mehmet, who was traveling in Trambus, was pleased with the service provided and thanked Ahmet Mayor Ahmet Çakır, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who had provided the comfort of Trambus to them; Diye that's what I call the president, who is dedicated to his people. In a year, it has turned all the streets and streets of Malatya upside down, giving it a modern appearance with its upper and lower structure. Despite all the counter-campaigns, Trambus has brought its site to Malatya. Now he made a big expansion and extended the Trambus line. We were very pleased as local people. After that, we will have the opportunity to travel comfortably iyle.

Ramazan, who says that he is a tradesman in ÖZSAN Industrial Estate, expressed his satisfaction with the extended trambus line; Gelmek it was a nuisance to come to our office in the morning. Only then will we reach our workplace in a spacious environment, quiet, cool and rested. We will take the trambuses passing by our house and get off in front of our business. This is a blessing for us. May Allah be pleased with the reasons ”.

In a statement, the information about the flight intervals of the trambuses carrying passengers between MAŞTİ-ÖZSAN Industrial Estate Junction was also shared. 06 In 54, the flights that start from Mashti will run once every minute until 08 30, and once again at 12 14, the noon flights will start at 06 15 minutes intervals. Again, the departure point of the flights will be extended until the return to the University Özşan junction. It can be planned to extend the line, increase the number of flights and spread all day on demand and when needed.

Günceleme: 19/12/2018 16:13

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