Great Interest in TÜDEMSAŞ's Stand at Sivas Values ​​Fair

Ği Sivas Values ​​ler fair, where the products produced in Sivas are exhibited, continues. Those who pioneered Sivas to be a production city, who gathered many companies including freight wagon, automobile supplier industry, defense industry, construction, food, cosmetics, furniture, textile, cement, marble, traverses, added value to Sivas. brands are getting the opportunity to know closely.

The stand of TÜDEMSAŞ, the oldest industrial establishment of Sivas, attracted the attention of the visitors on the second day of the fair. TÜDEMSAŞ Deputy General Manager Celaleddin Bayrakçıl with the company owners who visited the stand sohbet and informed about the company's activities. Celaleddin Bayrakçıl also held a meeting with the company owners manufacturing in the freight wagon sector.

Ol Sivas Values ​​inde exhibition 10 will be open to visitors at the Fair, Congress and Education Center until September.

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