Arabs who want to buy home 3. He asks about the airport

crazy project will fly to Turkey was the focus of attention of the foreign investors. Especially wanting to get housing from Turkey, Arab investors are watching closely and giant projects such third airport in Istanbul Channel.

Emlak Konut GYO made an 2017 project to Cityscape Global 50 in Dubai. Trade promotion office in Turkey working as Real Estate Residential REIT, Arab investors are getting the most interlocutors to questions about the crazy projects in Turkey. Real Estate REIT General Manager Murat Authority said that foreign investors, especially from the fair wondered third airport, "a center of attraction in Turkey as the location. Foreign telling them to projects in Turkey. They ask the channel Istanbul, Çanakkale Bridge and hospital investments. In particular, there are many questions about the third airport. They're wondering when it's going to open. When buying housing, they don't just look at the building, they also care about the infrastructure investments in the surrounding area. Konut

Institution, the home sales of 10-15'ın percent of the foreigners said they did, stating that the rate up to 20'lerin some period of the year, he said. The Agency stated that the fairs such as the cityscape were an opportunity, and said that they would open direct contact offices in the Middle East and European countries. In this regard, the Agency will work with the Prime Ministry Investment Agency, "First, we are planning to start from Dubai," he said.


Institutions are to provide information about projects in Turkey, he said: "We spend over 380 thousand square meters in the North Side Kayabaşı our project to life. With the cost of the land, 700 is an investment of 1 million liras. This year we had our 15 billion bid auction. We have made 13 billion pounds. 2 will be realized with the concept of neighborhood. Our neighborhood project has an important place in line with these tenders. We also have places in Florya, Nişantaşı and Ankara. Ayrıca


Murat Kurum, said they were satisfied with the sales in relation to the projects in Anatolia. . The last day for signing in Riva is 13Eylül (today). The 3 offer is still valid for us. Hâlâ

20 billion credits to transform

Environment and Urbanization Minister Özhaseki, who visited the Cityscape Fair in Dubai, said that the law of urban transformation will be updated and will be the Earthquake Preparation Act. . 20 will turn into 10 million buildings in the year, m Özhaseki said for the law aiming to accelerate the transformation by granting 7,5 billion TL interest-free loans to municipalities and citizens.


Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mehmet Özhaseki, who visited the Cityscape Global 2017 Fair in Dubai, said that the law on Urban Transformation at 2012 will be re-enacted as 'Earthquake Preparation Law'. He also said that he is in favor of the publication of this law as a Decree Law. He said that the risk-free building that has so far been transformed by 1 million into 7,5 million will be included in the law, along with the law that includes privileges such as interest-free loans and reserve housing areas. Özhaseki em We need to make this return in the next 10-15 year. Earthquake is not listening to the party, we can get all of our relatives, Dep he said.

After that, they do not want to give the name of the name Urban Transformation of the law that the name rant is mentioned together with the Minister Özhaseki, Cityscape'ta meeting with journalists, the new law annually 500 thousand housing will be renewed said. Özhaseki stating that the earthquake in Istanbul is expected to be effective in the coastal part of the European Side, said that the transformation will start from here.

Özhaseki, said: bir According to the calculations after the occurrence of a major earthquake in Istanbul, building and infrastructure damage will be 100 billion dollars. There is now a risky building in 600 bin which needs to be addressed in Istanbul in the first place. We have submitted the Earthquake Preparation Law to the Council of Ministers and then wait for the Assembly to pass. This law can also be introduced with the Decree. With the law, you are planning a field-based conversion that is not building-based. The transformation will be as follows; We will open 20 billion TL loans from Iller Bank and World Bank in the first year. This credit will be irrevocable and interest-free for three years. Municipalities will produce projects. We will also provide interest-free loans to the municipalities, during his time at the buildings. If the citizen agrees with the contractor, we will provide the same opportunity. We'il get the money back when the building is finished. Here the state will assume the burden of interest. Burada


This transformation, the construction materials used in the economy, furniture and textile sector together with the economy will create 200 billion TL Özhaseki, reserve areas were also identified and then these areas will be told by the press conference. Usually in the field of conversion will be done, but the areas that are not available in the reserve areas Özhaseki stating that, "Citizen will make the conversion at the site, 500 meters to him, 1 miles can be carried away. For example, in Esenler and Gungoren, we will go through this transformation. In places like Fatih will be transformed in place. Only on the European Side 25 million square meters have reserve area. This also means 250 thousand new housing, Bu he said. Minister Özhaseki, on the other hand, a legal work to finish the accumulation of the deed to the Prime Ministry, said that the work will disappear with the land registry brokers.

15 launches new campaign in September

The housing sector will start a new housing campaign 15 September, indicating that the Agency, Real Estate Housing REIT reported that all the projects in the campaign. . In the context of the campaign, you receive housing today and the payments start in 2019. Square meter price starts from 2800 liras. 15-20 XNUMX-XNUMX at least percent of the apartment areas will be advantageous. Real estate prices at very low levels at the moment voicing the Authority, said these prices will not fall below. In this sense, the organization said the campaign was the last opportunity for investors.

Foreign 77 received thousands of immovable

Minister Mehmet Özhaseki visited the Turkish stands at Ctiyscape and received information about the works from the General Manager Murat Kurum at the Emlak Konut stand and from the Süleyman Çetinsaya at the Artaş İnşaat stand. Minister Özhaseki, who was welcomed by the managers of foreign companies participating in the fair, said Öz We came here to see the works of Turkish companies closely. From the 2012 year of reciprocity law, the number of people receiving foreign nationals is around 160 thousand. 77 bin 750 have purchased houses, businesses and plots. All countries are competing for sales to foreigners. Why do people in Dubai want money for their economy? Those who came to Turkey from the Gulf countries 32 300 thousand people who bought real estate 16 thousand. Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates can be ranked first. First place is Istanbul, then Yalova, Bursa, Antalya, Sakarya and Trabzon. The places where greenery and water are more attractive, Sapanca is enjoying the Gulf countries and getting real estate Daha.

We are mediators in the Gulf

Minister Özhaseki stated that there is an increase in the application to citizenship by taking the real estate aca The Ministry of Interior examines this. There is effort in the world to get educated, educated people coming from abroad, we have this effort. Yurt Özhaseki, stating that Turkey mediate between the countries of the Gulf, said it's affect adversely the trade. Özhaseki, 9.1 with the United Arab Emirates last year describing the work done in the billion dollars Özhaseki, 8,7 billion dollars this year, the figure said.

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