17 Monument Stop for the December Martyrs

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality 17 is a monument for the martyrs of December. Mayor Mustafa Celik, 17 2016 15 dead in the stop at the stop before the Erciyes University, a terrorist attack on the stop at the stop by the memorial service of the XNUMX soldier said that the troops will live.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, 17 2016 15 deceased terrorist attack in the history of XNUMX martyrs commemorating a monument in the memory of the mother said the project was prepared. Stating that the project will be implemented on the Talas Boulevard Erciyes University stop on the site will be applied President Steel, the memory of the martyrs said that this project will be lived.

The monument, which will be started by the Metropolitan Municipality next week, will consist of stone blocks representing our martyrs. The names, dates of birth and birth places of our martyrs will be written to each of the 15 stone blocks that make up the monument. Special lighting elements will be placed between the stone blocks. There will be a text covering all the monumental stones and forming a fringe on the stall area and describing the grave event. Seating units will take place next to the front of the stall because of respect to the memory of our martyrs.

The bus carrying soldiers of the 17st Commando Brigade, which was released on December 2016, 1 in Kayseri, was attacked by a bomb vehicle on Talas Boulevard and 15 soldiers were martyred in the terrorist attack.

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