80 Annual Step in Izmir Bay

The biggest ecological recycling project in the world, which will be carried out by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, starts in Izmir Bay. When the 'İzmir Bay and Port Rehabilitation Project' is completed, it will be possible to return to the 80 year before and swim in the bay.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to undertake a major ecological recycling project. The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the İzmir Bay and Port Rehabilitation project will be completed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality who wish to prevent the shallowness of the Gulf and prepare a tamam swimable bay ez. As the work for the project continued, the İzmir Bay Festival this weekend was one of the first steps to show that the city's face was now turning to the bay.

Speaking about Izmir Bay Festival, which was organized with the cooperation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Arkas Holding, Sailing Federation, Aegean Open Sea Yacht Club and Konak Pier, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, . To return to the sea, to live with the Gulf, to appreciate its value should all of us have a duty and duty, Den he said.

Kocaoglu, continued as follows: kurtul In the Gulf with the mayors before me, we tried to save the bay and continue to show. The Gulf of Izmir, 8 bin 500 is the most important wealth of this city. We are facing the threat of the Gulf from filling up in the alluviums from the north, from the old Gediz beds. We made a project to deepen the gulf together with TCDD (State Railways). TCDD will deepen the port berthing corridor and in return, we will save the Gulf by making 13.5 km length, 250 meter width and 8 meter deep circulation channel. The Gulf currently has no health hazard in terms of water quality. But this is separate, apart from the feasibility. For this, water quality and the amount of oxygen in the water need to increase; clean circulation from the outer bay is also important. If we can accomplish this gulf project, we will have developed one of the world's most important recycling recycling projects. We've been working for 13 for years. Biz

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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