5 different area suggestions from Konya for domestic cars

Konya, which is one of the most eager provinces in terms of domestic automobile investment, provided 2 with different investment areas in the 5 region if the investment was made to Konya. Konya Chamber of Industry, Chamber of Commerce, Commodity Exchange, Konya Organized Industrial Zone and MEVKA prepared by the 'Automobile Feasibility Report in Konya' in the first region of the airport opposite the logistics center and the railway next to the Konya Organized Industrial Zone within the expansion area. 4 different area was presented in this region. The second zone for investment is located in the industrial area of ​​Kaşınhanı.

Turkey's own domestic about making the automobile Konya at the beginning of the expression that a national stance exhibited since Konya Chamber of Industry Chairman of TOBB Board Member Memiş Kütükçü, offering Konya five different areas of the domestic auto investors was underlined that the only provinces. Kütükçü, "gratifying for all of us will put forward in Turkey's First and foremost, make their own cars. We are ready to give all kinds of support in this regard as Mr. President is meticulous on this issue. Say

Konya is ready to produce solutions

He said that Konya is the most suitable city for domestic automobile investment, and that this investment will be made to Konya in all regions of the country, especially in Anatolia. Anadolu Our city is a strong automotive industry, qualified human resources, low earthquake risk, geographical location. have the advantage. Therefore, Konya is the most accurate address of this investment. Because this investment in Konya will alleviate the burden of both the Marmara Region and the leverage in the development of our entire region, especially in Anatolia. If the local car investment is made to Konya, we will offer the investor 2 different site offer in the 5 region but if the investor wants a different area, we are ready to produce a solution to this issue. Yer

Logistics Center is a huge advantage

Konya reporting domestic automobile One of the important advantages offered to invest Prime Minister Binali basis with the participation of lightning is thrown Konya Kayacık Logistics Center Project Kütükçü, he said: "Konya, Turkey today's 3. has a large organized industrial zone. Konya Organized Industrial Zone provides international standards services to its investors. Both our qualified industrial infrastructure and our ability to act together with all our institutions in the city is a huge advantage for an investor. In addition, the Kayacık Logistics Center, right next to the Konya Organized Industrial Zone, will be one of the biggest and most important logistics centers of our country with a total area of ​​one million square meters. Konya, central Anatolia from this project, which will connect Turkey to the world. This center, which is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2019, shows a huge logistic advantage for domestic automobile investment. On the other hand, with the logistics center, we will realize a significant ecosystem based on production, logistics and information based on the Innopark Technology Development Zone which continues its activities in the Konya Organized Industrial Zone and the technical university where the area is reserved. Öte

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