30 million citizens on holidays fell

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that 10 million citizens who want to evaluate the last holiday of the season, which was brought to 30 days due to the Eid al-Adha, have fallen on the roads. said.

7 156 31 10 1 passenger at the airports throughout the holiday service during the Eid al-Arslan, 830 XNUMX daily XNUMX XNUMX a total of XNUMX thousand people in the day while traveling the train preferred.

Minister Arslan, in his statement, stated that millions of citizens flocked to the tourism regions due to the Eid al-Adha holiday and that approximately 30 million people traveled, "Our citizens went out on the road to visit both the holiday and their loved ones during the long holiday." he spoke.

As well as traveling on highways, airlines and trains, which expressed that there is a strong demand Arslan, with the measures taken, especially in highways and airlines and railways stressed that there was no hitch.

“191 thousand people set out with YHT”

Minister Arslan stated that 5 thousand personnel work during the feast only in order to ensure the best safety in the railways. 10 thousand citizens with high-speed trains and 1 thousand citizens with conventional trains preferred the railways in intercity travel by traveling. In Istanbul, the number of our citizens who prefer Marmaray for their city travels for 830 days has exceeded 191 million 410 thousand. ” used expressions.

“6 million 5 thousand people traveled from 258 airports”

The number of people traveling from 6 airport for tourism purposes is 5 million. 258 2 46 million found the number, he said.

Noting that 57 percent of the passenger traffic in question is from Istanbul, Arslan said that exactly 3 million 18 thousand passengers preferred the airline for their holidays.

Emphasizing that the number of aircraft planted by the 34 bin 525 found during the festival, Arslan said that the 14 bin 65 of 20 was in domestic flights while 460 bin XNUMX was on international flights.

2017 said that 2016 increased the number of passengers per day in 9 and 22 increased by XNUMX and XNUMX increased by XNUMX.

Stating that 49 aircraft traffic occurred at all airports during the holiday, Arslan said, "624 million 7 thousand 156 passengers were served at our airports." said.

“15,5 million vehicles used highways”

Minister Arslan pointed out that the most preferred mode of transportation during the holiday is the highways, and that the road construction, maintenance and repair works are kept to a minimum during the holiday period in order not to affect the traffic flow on the roads. he explained.

Arslan also added that the number of vehicles and motorways using 10 15 million 432 has been exceeded by XNUMX throughout the day.

Noting that approximately 26 million 1 thousand vehicles used motorways and bridges on August 744, the first day of the holiday, Arslan said, “The number of vehicles using highways and bridges exceeded 4 million 1 thousand on the last day of the holiday. During the holiday, the day with the lowest number of vehicles using highways was August 643. However, even on August 31, the number of vehicles using our highways reached 30 million 1 thousand. ” found the assessment.

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