Two new investment decisions from Kardemir for energy efficiency

📩 17/12/2018 19:23

The Board of Directors of Kardemir took two more important investment decisions in order to convert the process gases due to the efficient use of process gases and the increasing production volume into electrical energy. In this context, a new Gas Holder (Gas Tank) investment will be made with a new generator investment with capacity of 30 MW.

The tender process for the Gas Holder to be established was completed and the contractor firm was determined. If the generator is related to investment, the tender process continues. The statement made by the company included the following statements:

Ir With these investments, our company aims to reduce the energy costs of the unit production and increase the internal coverage rates in electricity by converting the waste gases generated in the processes into energy and on the other hand aims to protect the environment with lower emission values ​​and natural resource usage. With the project planned to be completed at 2019, approximately 40 million TL / year will be saved with the current energy prices. We hope that new investments that will add value to our company will be beneficial for all our stakeholders. Şirket

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