Two mechanics were sent to death according to the eye

The train crash that resulted in the death of the 2 mechanic in Elazığ is behind the neglect and ambition of excessive profit.

In the Baskil district of Elazığ, a mechanic who spoke to the newspaper about the train accident which killed the 2 machine last Friday caused the negligence of the accident and said that tons of iron ore were loaded into the train that had to be repaired. Hasan Akdemir, chairman of the Malatya Branch of United Transport Workers Union, who was conducting investigations at the scene after the accident, stated that the braking components of the wagons were not working. Akdemir said that the duty of train trainers charged with defining the deficiencies in the train was loaded to the mechanics, and that the number of officers in the train had been dropped from 4 to 2 people. L Machinists may not be able to identify the deficiencies due to the work intensity. In this way, such accidents continue to occur, tür he warned.

4 19.40 in the direction of the 930 on Friday, August in the Baskil district of Elazig XNUMX tons of iron ore freight train derailment as a result of the derailment machine mechanic Mehmet Kirkin and assistant mechanic Sergen Ayverdi died at the scene. Elazığ governor Çetin Oktay Kaldırım, said at the scene, yap There is no sabotage or attack situation. The cause of the accident is being investigated. K The TCDD announced that the cause of the accident was not clear and a judicial and administrative investigation was initiated.

In Elazığ, which was frequently brought up by train accidents, there were accidents that resulted in deaths. A mechanic who worked with the mechanic who lost his life in the last incident, said that the accident was due to negligence as in the previous accidents, mak All the mechanic and railroad workers are nose to nose. Son He said the train crashed in the accident was defective and should have been repaired in Malatya before the time it took, saying: m The train had to be repaired without the load. But they had to carry tons of iron to the train that should not carry any load. They sent our friends to death according to the eye. The person responsible for the accident is the authorities who do not take the measures and send the train to the road with a broken condition. Sorum

The main reason for the job is the extreme snow

The railway workers Speaking to Universal newspaper says that excessive greed for profit of the main causes of accidents at work and occupational murders in Turkey. Stating that the ambition for profit is not only in the private sector, but also in public institutions, workers, “TCDD who wants to make more profits with a small number of employees, is in a situation that does not care about job security Kar. Workers, the maintenance of the trains in the warehouse is not enough staff and the maintenance of these events and similar events occur because of the blind, he said.

Workers who noted that TCDD Inc. is being told to the personnel that the road is constantly passing, geç If the necessary measures are not taken in the railroads, humanitarian working conditions are not provided and such accidents will continue as long as the personnel is overloaded. This accident caused the lack of expert personnel to do enough to maintain the machine of the train that caused the accident caused the formation of this accident. Bu

Investigating where the accident occurred BTS Malatya Branch President Hasan Akdemir braking parts of the wagons did not work, he said. 10 4 said that a person on duty 2 years ago, this number has been reduced to XNUMX and the task of determining the misses of the 'Missing officers' task was transferred to the mechanics, he said.

Speaking to the daily Evrensel, Akdemir said, dem Previously, 2 machinist, 1 train chief, 1 train form officer served on a train. Trains are run by 2 mechanic with AKP government. The trainee officer ensures that the wagons are interconnected. The train sees the shortcomings. Machinists drive the train. The whole load fell on these mechanics, Bütün he said.

Akdemir said, X The train 13 has not been connected to the train. The machine's brake did not hold the rear load. The crest is completely melted. The mechanics pushed the brakes to stop the train, and the brakes didn't work because the brakes were not connected. This is due to the lack of connection. The trainee officer ensures that the wagons are interconnected. This task is also broken down because the train is not a officer. The mechanic may not understand this because of the intensity of his work. Mak

Ğ No improvement has been made in the line between Elazığ and Malatya in the last 25 year, ğ said Akdemir. Hat The steps of privatization were taken. Buda broke the peace of work among the staff. In These kinds of accidents will continue to occur when a lot of these tasks are given to the mechanic friends who are responsible for driving the train. Tr

The funeral of 24-year-old Sergen Ayverdi was buried in Elazığ Asri cemetery. Ayverdi's family did not accept TCDD's response to the ceremony. The reasons for not accepting were the omissions that caused the accident. One of the children with disabilities 6 Mehmet Kirkin's body was buried in the village of Sarıbudak in the town of Bingöl.


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