THY's dreams were destroyed at the third airport

Ugur Cebeci, Hurriyet Economy, published this week in the Cockpit, THY's third airport, and wrote about the direction of the runway U

3.Havaliman was very exciting for Turkish Airlines.

They wanted their own terminal buildings.


1- They would do the operation faster.

2- Operating costs would decrease.

3- Transfers would take shorter distances.

4- Special passenger lounges would be close to the doors at their terminals.

5- Increasing customer comfort in every way.

But it didn't. In the huge terminal, where and how they are deployed is not clear.

This frustration also reduces the excitement of moving.

The new airport will open with two runways. Both in the same direction: North-South. So there is no magnetic slip in the 18-36 direction. The third runway has to be completed after the 16 month after the airport was opened. He's in the same direction. Then the direction of 06-24 will come up.

The three runways to be built in the first place, however, are 60 meters wide. Tolerances in side winds are higher when braking is reduced and the runway is wet. But still the dominant winds may cause problems in the operation.

At THY, we will wait and see.

I hope this very ambitious project does not leave THY's excitement in its crop.





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