O Garages Found in Samsun Gar Park No More

The wagons, which are the symbol of a period in Samsun Gar Park, were removed from the area they were in the scope of new landscaping work.

Samsun city of Samsun's Ilkadim in the old town of Gar Park, serving as a period of the old railway wagons serving as a period removed by the teams of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality.

For a while, two wagons, one of the symbols of Samsun, have been waiting for a long time. The wagons that were destroyed in time were recently used by malicious people. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality staff prepared a new landscape plan for Gar Park on this situation lifted the wagons.

According to the information obtained from Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, the locomotive which will be lifted within the scope of new landscaping works in Gark Park will continue to be the symbol of the park. The area where the wagons are removed will gain a decent appearance with the new landscaping.

Source : I www.samsunhaber.co



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