Hani Arifiye-Pendik train flights would increase?

Fikri Işık himself said that the 10 would make a mutual 8 expedition as of April. Neither train travels to 8 nor an explanation has been made.

It was once the most important means of transportation for the commuter trains. He stopped at many stops between Haydarpaşa and Sakarya and carried thousands of passengers to where they wanted to go. It was always very economical about these expeditions.

Istanbul-Ankara YHT line was closed due to the work of the 3 2015 4 year after the opening again was opened. But neither the number of stops nor the number of stops was the same. 4 started 8 expeditions in XNUMX trains.

In the first place, the number of stops in the suburban train 5 stopped at the stop. Trains will now stop at 9 stop. The last added stop was Adapazarı Mithatpaşa stop.

Both Kocaeli and Sakarya citizens were expecting an increase in the number of stops and voyages on commuter trains. In the past March, Deputy Prime Minister Fikri Işık, who was the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Mile in the past, had a very glorious news. Look what Fikri Işık said on that day;

“I'd like to give you some important news here. We had Adapazari-Istanbul line which we mentioned before Adapazari train. Arifiye-Sapanca-Izmit-Gebze and Pendik had a total of 4 flights. 10 will be on 8 expedition as of April. The start stop will be Mithatpaşa. 10 will be launched by April and the number of expeditions will be increased. Let everyone be better now Şimd

Today 31 has passed 5 months over August, the promised date. Neither train travels to 8 nor an explanation has been made. I think we'll wait a lot bek

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