Take Bursa High Speed ​​Line to the South of Yenişehir again!

super sensitive about fast train
super sensitive about fast train

We see the AK Party Bursa deputy Hüseyin Şahin as the most closely followed politician from the first day. In addition to the elimination of project problems, it provides voluntary coordination with the local community.

When the TCDD took its route from the south of Yenişehir to the north, we asked Şahin again about the new crisis that DSI had objected to.
Soze ...

Ben TCDD General Manager with Bursa Deputy Bennur Karaburun İsa Apaydınziyaret When the high-speed train moved from Bilecik to Vezirhan, the port of Bursa to Ankara-Istanbul line, the TCDD modified the project and took the route from the south of Yenişehir to the north. '

He stressed:
Altı However, DSI has important investments here, canals and underground irrigation systems. When the route is taken to the north of Yenisehir, they are all under the train line. Güz

I Most importantly, the DSI made land consolidations, gave the land to the farmers,… he noted.
Olduğ If the route passes south of Yenişehir as it used to be, there is no expropriation. Everything is ready."

He added:
”But if it passes through the north, it will be nationalized from the beginning and the previous consolidation and investments will be wasted.“

And then Sonra
In the meeting in Ankara, he announced the request on the agenda:
Uz We want the high-speed train line to be taken to the south of Yenisehir again. Or new problems will arise. Epyeni

Bursa High Speed ​​Train Map

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