High Level Security in Metro Stations in Ankara

A new era is beginning in Ankara for the security applications at metro, Ankaray and ropeway stations. Previously, security calls with metal hand detectors will now be carried out with metal door detectors and X-RAY devices. The new system will also feature cameras with face detection on top of the metal door detectors, and the bags of passengers with bags will be examined with the X-RAY device at the entrances of the metro stations. Mayor Melih Gökçek stated that the first devices were placed in the MTA Station of Çayyolu Metro and said that the new system would take place in all stations after the implementation of the sample. Emphasizing that the application is not only due to any negativity, President Gökçek emphasized that it is for prevention purposes only:


Cak The sample application will start at the MTA station. After the MTA, 130 X-ray devices, 400 and metal door detectors will be placed in metro, Ankaray and cable car stations. After the sample application at MTA station, security at the entrance of all the subways in Ankara will be at the highest level. Bags of passengers traveling with bags will be put on the device. There will be a high level search with a metal door detector. X-ray devices and metal door detectors will be at the entrance of the subways. For example, there is the Metro Bazaar in Kızılay. Also used as underpass.


It will be searched at the entrances of this place, that is, as soon as the stairs go down. An application made for the security of citizens. A certain intensity may occur in the first place, but this is an application for our passengers. We don't do this because of any negativity. We only increase our safety measures. There will also be a face recognition camera system on the door detectors. Passengers will use stations and subways more safely. At the moment 54 station has a thousand 500 security personnel. We have a bomb expert K-4 at 9. Security will be at the highest level with the new system. Yeni

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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