Revolutionary Car 2 Month Unavailable

revolution cars
revolution cars

Revolution Cars 2 Months unable visits: Turkey's first indigenous car produced in Eskisehir "Revolution", as exhibited in TULOMSAS campuses will remain closed for annual maintenance visits will be made two months.

While the revolution car is visited by approximately 70 thousand people every year, works have been started to create an open air exhibition space in TÜLOMSAŞ campus with the aim of making visits that are increasing every year more comfortably and safely.

In addition to landscaping and arrangement works in the open air exhibition area, the annual maintenance of the "Revolution", which will be maintained for 5 months on September 2, will not be visited during this period.

In the statement from TÜLOMSAŞ, “Our guests who want to visit the Revolution Automobile should not be planning a visit between the aforementioned dates so that they do not become victims. It has been reported that the open air exhibition area will be announced by TÜLOMSAŞ.

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  1. Nobody who produced the revolution car - crazy - gave a certificate of appreciation to the technical staff. it should also write "'the treacherous mentality did not allow production. Damn it".