'Reaction from women to pink truss

Regarding the application, Candan Yüceer of the CHP said, “You cannot protect the women by separating the wagons”.

After the 'pink wagon' application in Bursa, this time the 'pink trambus' application is being implemented in Malatya. The AKP metropolitan municipality announced that two 'pink trambus' will start their voyages during the new education period. The application was reacted by women and politicians.

Women's social media over the response to the application of yapılarak We women will not leave the society, you men will control yourself! I, edin Abuse the rapist of the rapists, women are not women !!!!, Ed The problem can not be solved by separating women, even the haremlik transportation can not be solved by saluting tep .

Pink bus in Urfa, pink taxi in Sivas

The first time in the 2012, the Saadet Party Istanbul Provincial Women's Branches carried out by the 'special pink bus for women' campaign came to the agenda, although the implementation of the reactions on the implementation of the 2015 was launched in March in Urfa. A similar application was recently asked to be implemented in Sivas. Women 'pink taxi' application, "We will not ride, you will learn to be human," he showed great reaction.

An application that pushes women out of society

The application should not be evaluated independently from the women-oriented policies of the 15 annual AKP government. The deputy chairman of the Commission on Equality of Men and Women in the Parliament, Candan Yüceer said, değerlendir Step by step women are pushed out of society and are isolated from society. The purpose here is not to protect the woman. The goal is to create a society that separates and polarizes women and men, and unfortunately unhealthy. By separating the wagons, you cannot protect women by implementing women-specific collective practice. One step after that 'woman to go out on the street. She'il be safer in her house? Gradually, steps are being taken to eradicate women from society, eroding their rights. I see this practice as innocent and non-women, on the contrary, a discrimination against women and other women. They see women as the biggest obstacle to the dreams of a pious and religious society. That's why they attack women's bodies and lives. Bu

They'il make women invisible.

Lawyer Selin Nakıpoğlu said: iyor Women cannot make their own decisions about themselves again, men are on stage again. They'il make women invisible. Let's ask again, maybe a light: Did you look at the experience of the countries where you received this discriminatory practice? Have you read the studies on the increase in rape and violence because the rape and violence increased as the living spaces of men and women increased in those countries, and the rape and violence increased as rape and violence increased? What if women who do not take the pink bus suffer from sexual violence on the bus? Will the profit of the builder or the male judiciary will benefit from the discounts that are distributed in plenty of pouches? We have been saying for years; harassment in public transport has nothing to do with clothes, age, makeup, and how it stands. In fact, in any case, sexual violence has nothing to do with it. Mentioned, women to walk in the streets while pregnant women are sin, 'Women should not laugh in the public area,' saying, 'Women wearing a front zipper pants' women who can declare the opinion of the clergy leaders, the tax of the state with my tax program they are making. They have to deal with the violence of men and quit women.

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