Access to University in Konya for New Registration Three Days Free

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Council approved the decision to encourage the use of Elkart, to encourage public transportation, and to allow all students enrolled in the universities in Konya to use their cards free of charge in public transportation for three days in order to help them make the registration and registration procedures easily.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Council decided to allow the formal education students who enrolled to the universities in Konya to benefit from public transportation free of charge by means of Elkart for three days.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to encourage the use of Elkart to the students enrolled in the universities in Konya, to encourage the use of the public transportation vehicles and to provide the address and dormitory registration procedures for the settlement, in this context, the decisions taken by the Assembly in this context decided to use it free of charge for the day.

Students enrolled in Selçuk University, Necmettin Erbakan University and KTO Karatay Universities; Students' ID cards issued by schools can also be used as discount Elkart. Students who are newly enrolled in Konya Food and Agriculture University will be able to visit the Metropolitan Municipality Elkart Branch Office for filling. Students will be able to use tram and city buses free of charge for three days after the first use of these Conventions. The subscription period will start on the first day of use and at the end of the three days, the student will be paid as a discounted Elkart through the tariff. In the period after or after the subscription period, you can send your customers the amount they want or the subscription.

The second and additional travel will be made within the 60 minutes on the transmission lines and the second trip will be made in 60 minutes and the 40 will be used as a discount for the second trip.

For use of discounted Elkart, registration of the first place of residence in the Population Registration System must be within the provincial boundary of Konya. Those residing in dormitories have to register with the approved dormitory registration documents and Elkart offices. Students from outside of the city are given 20 daily time during the construction of residence and dormitory records.


Konya Metropolitan Municipality is an important public transportation service atus.konya.bel.t is from the city to reach the time of public transportation means; The application can also be used free of charge by sending a text message to 5669.

In the case of public transportation of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, travel can also be made with credit cards, contact cards and prepaid debit cards.



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