Visit from Rayder to Tüvasaş General Manager Kocaarslan

He is one of the founders of RAYDER and is still a member of the Supervisory Board. Dr. RAYDER Board of Directors paid a visit to Tüvasaş to congratulate İlhan Kocaarslan on his appointment to the TÜVASAŞ General Directorate and to receive his comments on the contributions and supports to the Rail Systems Sector.

RAYDER Board of Directors, Safkar, Aselsan, Medel, Sazcılar, Elektra and Stäubli representatives attended the visit, he also known for his valuable contributions to the industry for many years. With İlhan Kocaraslan; exchange of ideas on domestic production.

In particular, the domestic production of the auctions and our domestic companies to support the domestic producers to provide arrangements that provide benefits were emphasized. Sec. İlhan Kocaarslan, in particular, talked about the applications that Tüvasaş had taken advantage of for domestic producers in the National EMU tenders, where component purchases are ongoing. As RAYDER has mentioned many times on various platforms, Germany, 60, China% 70 and USA 65 place the conditions of such tenders. For this reason, increasing the localization rates and supporting the domestic producer in the purchases made by Public Institutions has been repeated once again. And it is said that this is one of the sine qua non conditions for the increase of domestic production in Rail Systems.

In addition, with the support of TÜVASAŞ, work has been started to produce a recurring and traditional workshop every year.

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