Mega projects are resistant to even the most severe earthquakes

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, the earthquake is located Yavuz Sultan in Turkey in generations Selim and reported Osmangazi that bridge with Eurasia and the Marmaray such as tunnels earthquakes in huge violence giant structure of 2 thousand could occur about once in 500 years even made designed so that it can survive.

Minister Leo, in his statement 18 years ago occurred and century-called catastrophic August 17th 1999 Marmara said they still feel the pain of the earthquake, Turkey is deeply shocking and affecting all citizens of his life August 17 earthquake, the anniversary once again sorrow and pain felt in their hearts that told.

Expressing that they have learned important lessons from this disaster due to the pain experienced, Arslan said, “Unfortunately, we witnessed first hand that not only earthquake but poor quality buildings, poor quality buildings, poor quality bridges and tunnels are taking life. The fact that our country is in an earthquake zone requires us to learn to live with earthquakes and to be prepared for possible earthquakes at any time. For this reason, we make every tunnel, every bridge and every building we build by prioritizing the earthquake factor. ” said.

“Old bridges are made earthquake resistant”

Arslan, such as earthquakes located Yavuz Sultan Selim and Osmangazi bridge in Turkey in the generation of giant structures of all kinds of wind effects on as well as the construction of resistant severe earthquake resistant structures stressing that, "Last year we opened to traffic Osmangazi and Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge our nearly 2 thousand 500 years It was designed and designed to survive even in a very severe earthquake that could occur. July 15 Martyrs Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, on the other hand, have achieved seismic durability equivalent to Osmangazi and Yavuz Sultan Selim bridges with the seismic and structural reinforcement works made according to current specifications. ” he spoke.

“Eurasia Tunnel, 7,5 moment earthquake resistant”

Underlining that giant projects such as Eurasia and Marmaray tunnels passing under the Sea of ​​Marmara will be one of the safest places in the possible earthquake in Istanbul, Arslan noted:

“The Eurasia Tunnel is located 16 kilometers away from the North Anatolian fault line and within this scope, it was designed by considering the biggest earthquake that may occur every 2 years. Considering earthquake loads, tsunami effects and liquefaction, the tunnel, which was designed and manufactured according to the latest international standards, was constructed with two seismic seals according to an earthquake of 500 moment magnitude that may be on the North Anatolian fault. The system, built under the Bosphorus, will be able to continue without any damage even in an earthquake of 7,5 years in Istanbul, and it can be put into service with minor maintenance in a very severe earthquake, which is likely to happen every 500 years. ”

“Marmaray was built with solid earthquake rules”

Explaining that the design of the Marmaray Tunnel was made considering the possibility of 4 segments breaking simultaneously on the fault line, Arslan pointed out that such a break will create an earthquake of 7,5 moment magnitude.

According to the fault map prepared after the 1999 Marmara earthquake, Arslan pointed out that the point where the nearest fault passes through the tube tunnel is 16 kilometers away, and that the Marmaray Tunnel is the deepest underwater tunnel ever built in the world and was designed with very strict criteria in terms of earthquake resistance. he said.

Minister Arslan stated that Marmaray was built with the aim of getting out of a 7,5 moment earthquake with zero security risk, minimum function loss, immersion tunnel and its joints by protecting water tightness and said, “An early warning system was also installed in the immersion tube tunnel in Marmaray. The system in question was set up to prevent trains outside the tunnel from entering the tunnel during and after the earthquake, and to ensure that trains in the tunnel are pulled to a safe location. ” used expressions.

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