Living Campus Davutpaşa project emerged

Details of the Living Campus Davutpaşa project have recently been published in the school's official social media accounts. In these images, flash steps were taken about the Davutpasa campus. The details are in our news.

Yıldız Technical University's Davutpasa campus has a very busy time. In particular, there is a huge update on the units moved from historical buildings to new places in Davutpaşa. In this sense, news and agenda about the university does not end. One of the most promising projects of the promises of the rector of YTU, Bahri Sahin, who took office in July last year, was the developments in the school's Esenler campus. There is an endless ring problem in the school, a rail system is emerging according to the project to finish this project. With this project, a new medico building and a new rectorate building also emerged. When we look at the aforementioned projects, we can see that there will be great developments in the school. The project also attracts much attention in new social areas. As a first step of this project, a bicycle path was made to the Davutpasa campus. The bike path was built, but as you might have guessed, the cars were already parked on the bike paths.

A rail system line is planned in Davutpaşa. With this rail system, it is expected that there will be an improvement in ring voyages for years, because this train system will be much more useful instead of putting people in buses in the form of ring transport. A detailed version of this project is expected to be announced very soon on the website, but in the new academic year we will also have catalogs in the hands of the students.

There is no explanation about the catalog from the management. The arrival of the rail system in the school will eliminate many problems, especially because Cevizlivineyard - On-campus ring service is done in the dolmuş mode and the rings can be lifted after half an hour. For this ring problem Cevizlithere will be no improvement in the bonding rings, but at least a discount on the lines with 35 cents in the campus.

According to the plan announced by the Rectorate, the new building will be built in the Living Campus Davutpaşa project. There is a health center and a rectorate building. For many years, while waiting for the student residence in Davutpaşa, the steps taken by the new rectorate and health center were very surprised. One of the questions that students wonder about after this project is of course the buildings on Beşiktaş campus. When we look at the units taken between these historical buildings, there are Medico and Rectorate. The fact that a new Rectorate building and a health center will be built apart from the building where the rector is moved, the historic Rectorship building, which was transferred to the Presidency for restoration, brings to mind that the central building of Medico will not be restored. After the restoration process, the school administration said that the buildings could be taken back, but the way to go back to the buildings to be recovered after these projects was also a matter of curiosity. We are waiting on the day when the details of the bek Living Campus Davutpaşa Biz will be shared with the public.

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