Konya Reaches YHT Station

konya yht gari
konya yht gari

Mevlana and High Speed ​​Train City, Konya, YHT Gar'a meet. TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın, 2 Investigated in Konya YHT Gar, which is being built on Wednesday, August.

Apaydın received information from the contracting company authorities about the works and reminded that the Ankara-Konya High Speed ​​Railway was opened in 2011 and that the rail share without passenger share before the YHT line increased to 66 with the opening of the YHT line.

Apaydın pointed out that Konya and Ankara are in mutual YHT flights, and the high-speed and high-speed railway lines at the construction and project stage will be completed and Konya will be the center of the north-south and east-west corridor.

For this reason, underlining the fact that the passengers have developed a unique YHT Gar project in Konya in order to meet all kinds of needs, Apaydın added that construction is progressing as planned.


Konya Buğdaypazarı location in the Konya Metropolitan Municipality light rail system project planned to integrate with the YHT station construction work 17 physical progress was recorded.

All Kinds of Social and Cultural Areas

In Konya YHT Gar project;

Administrative areas (TCDD offices, dining hall, meeting and training hall, tolls, technical warehouses), commercial areas (restaurant, cafe, bank, PTT, shop, agency, office eler), VIP and CIP halls, indoor parking and service areas for 117 vehicle is located.

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