Kırıkkale Governor Haktankaçmaz Examines YHT Studies in Place

📩 26/02/2019 18:08

Governor of Kırıkkale Dr.M.İlker Haktankaçmaz, Yahşihan District High Speed ​​Train construction site and Viaduct and Open-Shut Tunnel construction surveyed the study areas.

Governor Haktankaçmaz the Governor, Yahşihan District Governor Fatih Yılmaz and TCDD Production Department President Başak Karaman and company officials welcomed.

Then, a presentation was made by the Project Manager to the Governor Haktankaçmaz on the Tren Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project Kırıkkale Province Borders Substructure Works Val.

It was stated that a study was carried out in a part of 83 km within the boundaries of Kırıkkale province and that these works were carried out by three separate contractors.

In the presentation of statistical information; 12.899 meters of 5206 meters tunnel production, 87 of the underpasses, 75 of 136 pieces of 97 pieces, 6 of 5 pieces of 5 pieces, 1 of 12 pieces, 4 of 2216 pieces, XNUMX pieces of XNUMX The XNUMX was completed and the longest viaduct was XNUMX meters.

After the presentation, Governor Haktankaçmaz, 70 meter height on the Kızılırmak River within the scope of High Speed ​​Train works, 1437 15 4 Xyrus XNUMX number of the viaduct work on the AK-XNUMX Open-Cover tunnel studies on site, wished the employees here.

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