IZBAN's Selcuk Expeditions 8 to Start in September

Mayor of Selçuk Dahi Zeynel Babysitter gave important information about the progress of the ongoing projects in Selçuk. TOKI, IZSU Studies, natural gas, İZBAN, Selçuk Municipality Culture and Youth Center, such as detailed information about the stages of projects, President Bakıcı, the projects expected by the people will pass a life, he said.

An important step has been taken in the TOKI project, which has been expected for a long time by the Seljuk people. 905 thousand square meters area has passed over TOKI. President Bakıcı stated that the new area known as the Shanga Location is quite safe in terms of earthquake risk. Oldu The area of ​​905 thousand square meters is now the deed of TOKİ. Houses on the area will be in the form of fountain model. In other words, it will be appropriate to the historical and cultural structure of Selçuk. I would like to thank Mr. Prime Minister and Izmir Deputy Atilla Kaya about TOKI Say. The hospital is planned to be allocated to TOKI in the 136 acres area.

I apologize to my people Halk

Selçuk said about the ongoing grievances of the drinking water transmission lines in Selçuk. Dahi Zeynel Carer; , A culture of reconciliation has arisen due to the culture of compromise, respect for institutions, and respect for what has been said. I apologize to my people for this. I had to own the city. But I recently intervened. Hopefully, there will not be such a problem with Izmir gas works. İn

In the 2016 year, President Bakıcı stated that the project of Selçuk Municipality Culture and Youth Center, whose project was selected, is currently being drawn up. Cak For the first time in Selçuk, a cultural center will be built with the possibilities of the municipality. In 2018, the application project will be completed and the tender will be held. Our Culture and Youth Center will be simple, simple, low-cost and functional. Kültür President Bakıcı also aims to keep young people away from harmful habits with the art, sports and artistic activities of the youth, as well as the transformation of the Culture and Youth Center in the city.

Selçuk will be the base for İZBAN

Chairman Bakıcı said that İZBAN will start the trial flights in 8 in September; Tır Selçuk will be a district that has the feature of transferring today. Trains from Nazilli, Söke and Denizli will be able to leave their passengers and transfer them to İZBAN. Seljuk will be a district that has become a base. Selçuk

Seljuk's public opinion on the issue of public car park at all times was the good news from the Minister Bakıcı'dan. After the move to the new location of the governor's office, the former district governor's office said the underground car park would be built.

In addition to the ongoing and future projects, Mayor also provides information about the projects that have been implemented; Ta We started a stream improvement in Selçuk. The Abuhayat stream has been renovated from the ground up. Peace Street was saved from the floods. The cemetery in this winter I hope no more water. Here, the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir is a major task.

In order to prevent flooding of the cemetery, necessary works were carried out on the Izmir Metropolitan Cemetery Department. Currently there are retaining wall permission; There is also a tender. We decided to make a decision not to float the water around it in a short time. Kısa

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