IMM Workers Meet at 'Sustainable Smart Cities Workshop'

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality staff, REC Turkey and Istanbul organized under the Smart City Project by ISBAK "Workshop on Sustainable Intelligent Cities" met at the.

Founder of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbas also found that REC Turkey and ISBAK "Sustainable Smart Cities Workshop" 60 close to different departments and experts attended the municipality of about 200 affiliates.

Speaking at the opening of the workshop on ler Sustainable Cities neden organized within the scope of Istanbul Smart City Project, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Hayri Baracli said that the problems caused by the increase in population growth, urbanization and the increase of the migration to the cities caused an Bel obese-city konuşan, and that the substructures in the cities became increasingly inadequate.

Hayri Baraçlı stated that technological developments have changed the needs and the technologies that could not be imagined in the past have become a necessity and added, ğ Nowadays, inter-city competition comes to the forefront instead of competition between countries. This created a new benchmark with the concept of sustainable smart city. Smart cities don't just mean technology. There are people in the focus of smart cities. Smart cities; people's resources, money, means that the right time to use the right means.

Therefore, emphasizing the fact that it is becoming more and more necessary to act by thinking tomorrow, Baraçlı said, mes This is not possible without an integrated approach. Smart cities; . city management, economy, transportation, energy, infrastructure, environment, waste, water, security, health, accessibility, information access, such as the work on many different topics in the structure., he said.

Director of REC Turkey Rifat Unal Treasurer drawing attention to the effects of climate change can be observed in Turkey and in the world, Turkey's touched on steps to be taken towards low-carbon development.

REC Board Member Dr. Laszlo Pinter made a presentation on Sustainability Concept and Indicators. Stating that the indicators to measure the sustainability of a city are separate in each city. Bir Copying and pasting the indicators for a city to another city is not the right solution, P said Pinter.

The first and second day of the event, REC Turkey, ISBAK, Middle East Technical University, Istanbul Technical University, Yildiz Technical University, Adnan Menderes University, ÇEDBIK, TESEV and the WRI climate change speakers from Turkey and the low-carbon economy, waste and wastewater management, energy efficiency, green buildings, shared his knowledge and experience on food safety, governance and local environmental planning. Finally, Turkey and examples of good practice and lessons learned from around the world continued with presentations on the subject.

ISBAK Intelligent City Strategy Development Manager Fatih Kafalı, one of the IMM Companies, said, “Smart city or sustainable city doesn't matter what we call its name; what is important in the content of what we are doing uz.

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