Hyperloop One Achieved the Highest Speed

Another threshold was skipped in the high-speed train project developed by the Los Angeles-based Hyperloop, one of the companies owned by Elon Musk. Hyperloop One managed to reach its top speed.

Hyperloop, which was proposed as an idea a while ago and defined as a high-end cross-rail system, was one of Elon Musk's new generation transportation technologies. The project, which became a reality after the completion of the 2016-kilometer underground tunnel established in the Nevada Desert in 4.8, took its first steps and the work was started to make the train a reality.

Unlike the currently used trains, the Hyperloop, which cannot be driven by the motor moving the wheels on the rails, moves thanks to the advanced technology called Magnetic Levitation. This technology minimizes friction by using a magnetic field and allows the train to reach very high speeds. Hyperloop, which has been working for a long time to drive this technology, which has been tried by many different companies and states for a long time, especially in Japan, has reached the highest speed that it has reached to date.

The latest test, the 500 meter, the 192mph 308.9km / s never stop running at the speed of XP-1 nicknamed the train, the fastest test was performed by Hyperloop One. Theoretically, the 760mph (1223km / s) is expected to reach the speed of this technology in the case of life, public transportation transportation will be a few minutes at very long distances and was said to be a new step for humanity.

Source : I www.tamindir.co

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